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    dvd rom problem

    And megabytes that aren't really a megabyte, and then they try to change the word for the real megabytes so it looks like they haven't been lying about it the whole time...
  2. ashmedai

    Hand or battery?

    They're still pretty tolerant to abuse. Especially now that both camps ship their CPUs with an IHS... Power to unscrew everything it can reach, power to screw in almost anything it can reach. Hand sitting on standby for mobo & hard to reach places, plus an itsy bitsy jewelers flathead around somewhere for certain heatsinks.
  3. ashmedai

    Slightly worried!
  4. ashmedai

    Serillel2 - DVD

    Dear god, do I hope Blu-Ray undercuts DL. Right now though they're both horridly expensive. Drivers...if it's not there, it can't be broken; but if it's not broken, it doesn't matter. Disabling things you don't use is a good policy in general, one of the first things I do with a new system is kill any onboard devices in the BIOS that won't be used. However in the case of Windows there are unusual dependancies at times that may cause unforeseen side effects if you go tearing out things that it doesn't give you the option to, so tread carefully. Again - I do so myself. Windows leaves too much crap in that doesn't need to be there. But be careful.
  5. ashmedai

    HDD's, Opticals, and IDE Channels

    TMK this is correct, although of course you'll still have the normal problems you'd get from having two IDE devices on the same channel. SATA has the potential to be substantially faster than IDE - but IDE has the potential to be substantially faster than it already is too. Just because the bandwidth is there, doesn't mean the device can talk that fast. SATA is faster than shared-channel IDE, but functionally equal to IDE with one device per channel. In my experiance Windows does run faster on an SATA drive - a very specific one though. Raptors are faster because they're 10k drives. This has nothing to do with them being SATA, and if they were IDE it really wouldn't matter. The CD issue only applies if you're burning a file to CD from the hard drive it shares a channel with, so if you arrange your devices strategically it's not really an issue.
  6. ashmedai

    HDD problem

    If it's seizing up like that, it may not be long for this world...or you could have power problems, or a virus...regardless, it's a good time to back up your data! Try not to hit your computer, it's succeptable to impact poisoning.
  7. ashmedai

    Serillel2 - DVD

    Drivers, interestingly enough, rarely take much in the way of resources unless they're exotic or badly written. If it made the system more stable, there was probably something wrong with it. Just don't expect this to always be the case given a properly functioning system.
  8. ashmedai

    Blue Screen of Death

    If so == overheating. I find that when Windows bothers to complain about a specific file that sometimes there's a problem with that file, in which case replacing it may help. Seeing as it happened in ntoskrnl, you haven't done anything to it like trying to install a custom boot screen, have you?
  9. ashmedai

    So now what?

    It's like any other controller, you get good ones and bad ones, but mostly they all just work okay. Good expansion card controllers will beat good onboard controllers, but that's just the way it is. Then again a good onboard controller will beat a poor expansion card controller, so it really just depends what you're comparing. Give me an Areca or 3ware any day over the best onboard solutions, and it's not that hard to guess which will be better. Then again not many motherboards cost $600 either, so you get what you pay for (hopefully).
  10. Funny enough, I had and still have one of the infamous Deathstars, picked it up years back and never had a problem. I got lucky. Actually just swapped it into my wife's computer to replace a dead WD half its age. Much as I'm wary of WD, the Raptor cleans up. 74's quieter, cooler, faster, etc, so try and go with that one. Seagate usually costs signifcantly more stateside. Artificial price zones, go figure. Most of my drives right now are Seagate 7200.7s, but if I was to buy today I'd go with the Hitachi drives. Next year, who knows?
  11. ashmedai

    Serillel2 - DVD

    Sort of. If so, not significantly so. If you can deactivate the IDE controller entirely it should speed up your boot times by a little, which will probably be the most noticible difference (although still, nothing worldshaking, tweak stuff). Might improve airflow a tad, or at least make things a little easier to get at. I have a distrust for the adapters that was probably picked up from reports of issues with them when they first came out and SATA was new and fresh. I'm not planning on using any of them myself, but when I replace my current optical drive (god knows when, the things last a long time) it'll be with an SATA one.
  12. Seagate used to be very good, but had issues for a while. IMO they're over it and back to being good. I'll let you know in a few years if I was right or not. Hitachi...similar story actually, seeing as they're the ones that inherited IBM's hard drive bit, which had a rather bad rep going. Then the latest round or two from Hitachi shows that they've learned better and totally gotten their act together. WD I'm a bit wary of after a few dead drives and controller quibbles, but I can explain away most of it without trying very hard so I can't say either way. Maxtor I'd try to avoid. Same for Samsung. Both tend to be pretty cheap, but then again both tend to be pretty cheap.
  13. ashmedai

    Serillel2 - DVD

    I hadn't either until you mentioned it, but it looks like any other IDE > SATA adapter. The guts are probably all being made by the same company in Taiwan or something. Assuming you were using it on its own controller previously, it will work pretty much the same as it always has. When those converters first came out I think they weren't recommended for non-HD devices, now it looks like it's AOK so go with it. Just don't expect it to do anything it didn't already (again, assuming it was on its own controller...if it was sharing, you'll get the same improvement as if you moved to a dedicated IDE controller).
  14. ashmedai

    SCSI 160 usage

    Guy with single digit post count asking about SCSI for a gaming machine? I'd say it's pretty relevant. You did provide different information in your second post, which would lead one to draw different conclusions. In the future, please remember to provide such details from the start, and don't be rude if people draw conclusions based on what you said that differ from your own. You asked for input, you should be polite about receiving it, even if you're not going to use it.
  15. ashmedai

    SCSI 160 usage

    SCSI is designed to work well in a multiuser server. Buy a Raptor, it'll work better for gaming (and pretty much every single-user situation).