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  1. Edhel-Dil

    Bad Block errors on adaptec controller

    Thank you! You saved my evening ^^ I was trying to figure out where, in /var/log, I could gather infos on linux. With your hint, i did a "locate RaidEvtA" and found out i needed to look in /usr/StorMan/RaidEvtA.log (on a Debian Etch install, apparently done via "alien -cv asm_linux_x86_v6_10_18359.rpm ; dpkg -i storman_6.10-18360_i386.deb ; aptitude install libstdc++5", in case someone needs storman on linux debian) Thanks a lot Actually, it's been a looong time i didn't checked that site (being busy and all) but I know this is one of the best place on the net to get infos about storage (Eugene, thank you for this!) olivier / EdhelDil.
  2. Edhel-Dil

    Spinrite 6 takes one week for recovery?

    On his site you can find links to a techTV appearance where he says something like "spinrite will try to attack your data at different angles and spin rates to try to get the data" ... that means a LOT of time on a big hard drive. Your 6 days try is probably normal. Hope this helps... (hey, hope you have it hooked on a good UPS too) Edhel-Dil.
  3. Edhel-Dil

    backup or drive image: which do i need

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions in this thread. But I have a question: if you separate OS, Applications and Data, is there a way to reinstall the OS and run the applications "as is", i.e. without having to *reinstall* them? (I think about registry and/or installed-inside-windows-directory DLL issues) I think you can't (and yes, I know you'll tell me that if you backed up the OS you wouldn't have the problem, still having the latest registry with all the modifications installed). But maybe there is some utilities out there that allow us to reassemble all the DLLs (and maybe even create .reg scripts) under the applicatoin directory ? Why do they install things outside of it (see some recent open source softwares which runs out of the .zip without any need of installing DLLs all over the place). The reason why they install in windows own subdirs may be to allow windows to always use the latest version of common DLLs? But I think the utility reassembling the application all in one dir could be run regularly to ensure the stored DLLs are up to date? (do i lake any sense? It seems I lost my ability to write english sentences...) Thanks for any info on this subject - meanwhil I'm still googling like crazy to find this out. Olivier, Edhel-Dil.
  4. ... you leave it turned on (no pun intended here...) at night, for no other reasons than having it ready in case you wake up during the course of the night. ... when you fall asleep in front of it. ... when you avoid going out. ... when you *try* to find something really usefull to do with it. olivier, Edhel-Dil.
  5. Edhel-Dil

    Hd Diagnostics

    No. If you go on the front page, and click on SR's TestBench 3 post titled 'MUST READ: How we test', you'll see that the test methodology is well documented (and I've been told way up above other site's methodologies) (I trust the person who told me that, and for him this very site is in a category of its own. I lack the knowledge to completely understand all the subtleties of Hard Drive testing, but all the things he pointed out makes SR appear to use a well thought and careful methodology, and they are also aware of the limitations and approximations they were forced to use. See testbed's 3 article for a lot of details (and some I still can't completely master). By comparisons, the other sites appear to use the more commonly used method of 'just throw this drive in, use this benchmark, and publish a few graphs and comments, and nobody should see it's all bs')
  6. Edhel-Dil

    Upgrade in progress...

    warmonger, i agree i don't see why "minusminus" inside a comment, and not followed by "greaterthan" shouldn't be condidered as the end of the comment. Probably due to some historical reasons (maybe the first w3c validator used to have this "bug" and they decided to make it part of the spec...). Anyway, in the current case, each time someone quotes someone else, it create an incorrect comment, and Mozilla decides that the comment last until it encounters ANOTHER misconstructed comment. see, using mozilla, the "view source" on http://forums.storagereview.net/index.php?...showtopic=11152 for a good example: Mozilla apparently decides to 'ignore' the "minus minus", preceded or not by a SPACE, and followed or not by a "greaterthan", until it encounters ANOTHER misconstructed comment, such as another QUOTE. It then chooses to consider the "comment" finished. The result is that is in a post "userA" and then "userB" both quote someone, mozilla will display the CONTENT of the post of "userB" in front of the name of "userA" ! and none of what was in between (content of the post of UserA included). Very disturbing, but perfectly normal as a program that encouter a syntactic error is allowed to go into an "unspecified" state and do basically whatever it wants (or can) do. The fault lies into using those incorrect "minusminus inside a comment" contruction, not in the rendered (mozilla here, and possibly some other browsers). What a browser will do when it enconters such things is up to the program, and can't be relied on or doesn't have to make sense. (a good read for what happens to, for example, a C compiler that go into a undefined sttate is : http://www.lysator.liu.se/c/c-faq/c-faq-toc.html , question 4.2) The fix should be as 'easy' as modifying the forum-software source so that it doesn't use "minusminus" as a separator inside a comment, but uses instead " - " or whatever seems appropriate. Hope this helps, Olivier.
  7. Edhel-Dil

    was the forum updated?

    I think i cornered the problem: in HTML you shouldn't have 'minus+minus' inside a 'lowerthan+minus+minus ... minus+minus+greaterthan' comment (sorry for this poor way of saying it, i want to avoid any display problems). Problem is, when you quote someone (and maybe also in some other less-likely-to-occur cases) the resulting page uses such an incorrect comment (see the source for the incorrect pages). As a result, when Mozilla's engine encounters such an incorrect comment it goes into some "undefined state", and thus can do whatever it does and we can't expect any of it to be correct or even to make sense. In this case, it decides to consider this incorrect comment as the start of a comment, ended with the NEXT instance of an incorrect comment, ignoring everything in between (as if it was a comment) Using mozilla 0.6.1 (maybe others too), do a "view source" (giving the highlighted view. with comments appearing in green) on http://forums.storagereview.net/index.php?...showtopic=11152 to see what i mean... it goes in pairs, making whatever is in between disappear (such as the post of the person who quotes some else, until the name of the next person who quotes someone, ending up with you seeing the post of the second person appearing in fron of the name of the first person, and nothing in between!). Hope this helps, and that a fix will be done soon (probably as easy as changing the source line that decides to use "minusminus" as a separator inside a comment with something else, such as "__" or "-") Hope this helps... olivier.
  8. Edhel-Dil

    Proof of God's Existence

    I particularly like this site for the (long) list of contradictions... (here are 2, kind-of related to the discussions above: if you seek god will you find him? and can god be seen?) (and i will stop here to avoid trolling, but anyone thinking that the bible is the word of god have to see this site and think about all the contradictions and stupidities in the bible...)
  9. Edhel-Dil

    Proof of God's Existence

    I can't resist to throw this url into this discussion
  10. Edhel-Dil

    Read a large text file in windows

    well, I would recommend you run a wc -l the_file.txt to see how many lines there is (I recommend just counting lines, as it may overflow while counting the chars...) and then use anything [awk, perl, even things like "head -1000 | tail -100" which would be much slower and would re-read the beginning multiple times] to cut it in smaller chunks of xxx lines. Just cutting every xxxxxx bytes would probably cut one line in the middle, but if that is acceptable too then just use "split". All of those programs can be used freely [if you use windows, then download them with cygwin, and they already come bundled in most linux distributions (and linux would be *much* more efficient at those, as cygwin include some heavy overhead to make the port between unix and windows)] [sorry to come back on topic Acually I really enjoy the Cas -vs- Sivar war. It reminds me of my first program in 6502 assembler [the guy who introduced me to assembly challenged me to write a game under 256 bytes: the game was with a worm eating apples and growing each time, it took me something like 102 assembly instructions if I remember correctly and was displaying the score and life numbers]. I was a long time an advocate of "tweaking" and "bumming" but it can also be a complete waste of time (just staying within reasonnable size-vs-development time is now imho to try too much to bum ... and speed is also a matter: better optimise the algorithm (even at the expense of size) than bum out instructions trying to make it faster: the gain can be completely different) Of course thinks like windows, emacs, kde, etc. are so bloated than they could probably make them 1/10 the size and memory footprint very easily... (the problem is that they are no so huge than doing this would be painful)... makes the unix idea of little tool doing one little thing efficiently and ability to link them together easily something that I siwh was more widely widespread ... and yes, those 2 C programs cited earlier are if I remember correctly from entries at the IOCCC . Anyone interrested in programming and fun should have a look at those, they are often really amazing! Edhel-Dil.
  11. Edhel-Dil

    Data Archive and File System

    Well, a search on this in google returns: http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/ar...s/Q198/3/86.asp [this KB article seems unfortunately not to be directly related to your problem...] Can you give us the exact error message? I would recommand using one of your other 160GB disk and format them directly with the Win2k Disk Management tool [do not use partition magic]. Then if you can afford the time [a little price to pay for a long time of storage] you should do a surface check. Please note exactly each error message and when they occur. Keep the one you lost data on for later recovery tentatives [some win2k guru may be able to help you recover the 103 Gb of data... but only use any method once you are almost sure it will work, and if not sure try to do a diskimage of the whole disk on another disk before trying]. Edhel-Dil. PS: I am not at all a windows guru... I just happen to be still awake and willing to share my ignorance : Hope this helps.
  12. Edhel-Dil

    Unix/Linux Backup Software

    Thanks a lot for your answers. The quote from Linus is frightening... If he says it will break, then there is surely a good reason [maybe the design of duimp/restore and a unix/linux kernel are not totally compatible, causing some race conditions in very rare setups? I will google about this when I find some time]. I will try to use cpio then. But I still am not sure about the main issue: what will happen during a restore ? Anyone knows about potential issues? For eample does someone know if the shared libs memory image are dependant on their actual file-image, or are they jsut loaded once and then you can meddle with their file image without affecting this memory image? [thus allowing the program to still work fine even when you are overwrittting its shared lib file image with an updated file image?] And what about some weird /dev files? does some of them cause problems when we "overwrite" them with new ones? [actually those new ones will probably exactly the same, as /dev files don't change much, except maybe for some symlinks (/dev/mouse, /dev/cdrom, etc)...] Thanks for any comptetent insights
  13. Edhel-Dil

    Unix/Linux Backup Software

    Hello, I also need to do a backup between 2 linux boxes, in case one of them fails. I have some important questions: - is it possible that some files can't be backed-up with tar or cp [libraries, files being written into, pipe file, etc] ? - during restore, what happens with some files like libraries [imagine my ISP restore the failed host with a "vanilla" redhat linux on it, I want to copy over my backups in order to have my last backup instead of the vanilla redhat. What happens when for example I overwrite some shared libraries [especially if this library is used by the program doing the backup] ? I looked a long time on the web and couldn't find even mentions of those possible problems, so I would be tempted to assume these problems aren't really a problem... but I also believe in murphy's rule. Please make some light on this, or point to the appropriate URLs I fear doing some backups [either with tar, cp, or a script or program] only to find out the day i need it that it can't apply in my situation [where I will be doing the restore remotely, so I want to be able to just overwrite data and have it work... I can't really try-and-fix, it needs to be ok at the first try]. And last question: if the shared libraries are the only problem, do you think I can compile the relevant utilities [tar, cp, etc] to use static libraries and then download them first on the freshly-installed host, and then use the script/command/program to restore and be sure that the shared libraries won't be a problem anymore? Is there some tricky programs I also need to recompile [other than tar and cp for example] ? Thanks a lot for any help in this matter
  14. Edhel-Dil

    Tannin's Windows HD Dup Method

    I wonder if there would not be another possibility: - first pass: look for all filenames, and their 8.3 filename - 2nd pass: copy in order of the 8.3 filenames. If there is a gap [for example a foo~1.bar and foo~3.bar, but no foo~2.bar] then copy a dummy file to fill the gaps, and erase it afterward: copy the file whose 8.3 name is foo~1.vbar. then copy a new filename "foowhatever.bar" so it takes the name "foo~2.bar" on the destination drive, then copy the normal file whose 8.3 name is foo~3.bar. Now you can delete "foowhatever.bar" when it is no longer needed. I believe this would take care of this problem, but there may be other problems [like some weird conditions when the number of files is close to the limit number of files, for example in the root of a drive. It's possible to have situations where you can't create enough foowhatever files to fill the gaps without going over the limit. This can be lessened by copying only the problematic files first, which would reasonnably tke care of this problem]. please tell me if any existant program does that. otherwise it would be not too difficult to come up with a program [who wants to be rich? ;p] olivier.
  15. Edhel-Dil

    Tannin's Windows HD Dup Method

    Skallas: oups : [=french version of "oops"]. But it wasn't *that* clear in your original post ;p