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  1. Hitachi RAID 0 needed replacing as one drive gave bad SMART messages. - got new drives - built array 32k stripe raid 0 - partitioned C /D 32k cluster (C partition was larger than previous setup however) - used BootIT NG to copy my image to C partition (image was verified byte for byte) - noticed I had 5gb free space (as I made new C partition a bit larger this time) so I resized C partition in BootIT NG - chkdsk C: /f /r - PerfectDisk & smart placement defrag and offline defrag Everything was pretty much ok but have strange occurrences. 1. an ATTO benchmark would shut my rig down cold on any drive. I re-imaged my rig and ran some defrag and was able to do drive testing after that 2. yesterday on boot, chkdsk wanted to do its work and after that I get windows cannot start as the following file is missing or corrupt C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\[system] after wasting too much time trying to fix (copy registry values etc) I just re-imaged. This has happened before I recall, mainly after aggressive offline defrag with PerfectDisk and chkdsk runs back to back etc. I can’t figure out if I am getting corruption on my array, the imagine is bad, my resize was destructive or IF by letting PerfectDisk manage the boot files it is competing with chkdsk (and Windows Bootviz) which defrags boot files every so often. very puzzled- oh YES, BTW I’m in the middle of a huge project WAAY overdue. I do have a tight backup solution however.
  2. careful DM9's were a bit flaky after a year and I loved Maxtor but be aware. I agree that reports show Samsung 1 and seagate 2 as far as drive noise. I think samsung caps out at 160gb IDE currently though. I say Seagate and feel good about that 5 year warranty. Check online USER reviews about maxtor products at newegg, etc. ps- ever notice how Maxtors are always on sale. I saw a 160gb ATA133 /8mb for 75$ new. sorry Maxtor...not my data
  3. I’m through the image process with boot IT NG and verified the image only after I went to defaults on the bios and turned off caching and look ahead on all drives. I need to find a spare large enough to do a test dump but I’m further along.
  4. update: using trail versions of terabyte BootIT NG and image for DOS. my issue now is i trying to get a stable image created as IFD gives 'unable to read from disk' at %45 and BootIT cannot validate the file -- 'image stream is corrupt'
  5. regreatably I've used neither. I do have Ghoost 2003 CD and boot floppy disk from a friend and will do some dry runs. I'm concerned about the array and the restore of course.
  6. array is only 160gb so ok there and Hitachi agreed to send unit before so long as I supplied a credit card to cover their arse* It seems I need to create this array after I get the new drive but how far do I need to go? array (32k block), then format (32k cluster) then partition THEN restore or will Ghost do the format and partition from the image? also I just came off a long thread about Ghost 9 VS True Image 9 which bashed Ghost on Raid and my chipset. TI8 was so-so and TeraByte Unlimited's Image For Windows and DOS was noted for working with an nforce2 chipset and working as promised. any feedback is appreciated as now my head is spinning...
  7. Well one of my lovely Hitachi/IBM 7K250's seems like it’s on its way out. (Funny if you don't peek into event manager one would never know this). Things are fine but the SMART messages can't be ignored. Drive is still under warranty so I'm trying to figure out the least painful way to have minimal down time. I got a 200gb drive today to get my backup in order. raid 0 /32k block and 32k cluster/ NTFS / 2 partitions C: (OS) D: (data) Can I use let's say a Norton GHOST boot disk and do an image copy of the problem drive to the new drive and call it a day? how will the array react keeping in mind it has a 32block and 32cluster size? Or Do I GHOST the C (OS), backup D (data), rebuild the array with the new drive, format, partition and GHOST back to C and dump data back on D. The tools I have are Norton ghost and a GHOST boot floppy which I want to make a bootable CD. I have never used Norton GHOST. thanks in advance
  8. yeah that's about the only place i recall seeing a vertical mount. ok just wanted to check in as i'm a performance fanatic...
  9. is there anything to be said for the drive heads operating against gravity and lifespan?
  10. I just wanted some feedback on lifespan and performance hit of operating a drive vertically on its side. I wanted to pick up a cp technologies platinum HD enclosure with a 160gb ata/100 for backup. What are the minuses of running a drive on its side?