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    Main Drive & Backup Drive Both Failed

    Hard drive beepin'? Sounds like the "Musical Maxtor" syndrome.. Check this link out: Musical Maxtor - TechIMO Forums (posted by site admin!).
  2. lexwalker

    Finally, dell to use AMD

    Another update. Its now 12.48 seconds! at 4.1GHz. Check out Post #27 of Pinmod@Conroe E6700 Vcore 1.45v by air cooling. Its becoming a routine affair breaking so many world records within days (or hours). Should be the same I reckon, or better... My own speculations only though.Check out also: - The Tech Report - Intel Woodcrest previewed. The new Woodcrest 3GHz OUTPERFORMS Opteron 285 in EVERY test, including power dissipation. - X-bit Labs - Intel Demos 2GHz Quad-Core Server Chips. Intel Shows Off Clovertown Processors (with link to source at HKEPC - IDF︰07å¹´Q1æŽ¨å‡ºå››æ ¸å¿ƒ Clovertown實物ç¾èº« with pictures). Intel have a working quad core silicon! - HEXUS.net - Review: Intel's Conroe spanks AMD FX-62's botty - for real!!. Intel Conroe 2.67GHz versus AM2 FX-62 2.8GHz (both on stock speeds). The title says it all... As for the much anticipated "paper launch" K8L, it may not be available early 2007 as touted, check out (translated) Translated version of HKEPC - AMD disclose more data ... K8L.. Some quotes from that page.. These quad cores seems destined for server and workstation segment. AM2 and Turion are K8 with (updated) DDR2 controller using 90nm. No signs of AMD's 65nm chips (e.g. Brisbane, etc) yet.. Regards.
  3. lexwalker

    Finally, dell to use AMD

    Its market demand. Opterons have already established themselves on the server front (and customers do want the fastest machines). Unfortunately Intel could not get their new WoodCrest ready yet (soonest is June release ) at that time. And Conroe's release is slated for July this year. Meanwhile AM2 isn't gonna be much faster than its older DDR-based brethen (and certainly no gonna de-throne Conroe). I'm waitin' for that (awesome) Conroe! Maybe prices of all (older) processors (including the still rather expensive top of the line FX and X2s) will tumble then (when Conroe launches).
  4. lexwalker

    Finally, dell to use AMD

    Update.. Conroe overclocked to 4GHz does 12.6 seconds in SuperPi 1M (world record)! Check out Post #154 at XtremeSystems - Intel core 2 duo Conroe E6700@MSI 975X Platinum default Vcore OC 3.2G more - Page 7 by coolaler. If you want to compare to (extremely overclocked) 4GHz AMDs, then check these links out: XtremeSystems - OCM* BEFORE's FX-57 @4208MHz under 2 stager and XtremeSystems - s.O.t. fx57 21.453 pi 1m @ln2 (both couldn't manage a sub-20 second SuperPi 1M..). All (AMD) world records are broken in the last 3 months by Core Duo (Yonah) and Core 2 Duos (Merom and Conroe).
  5. lexwalker

    Finally, dell to use AMD

    The announcement is for Dell use of AMD (Opteron) processors for their servers only. No word forthcoming concerning desktop machines. Dell is (speculated) going to use Core 2 Duos for their next high performance desktop PCs. By the way did you see this: X-bit labs - Dell’s XPS Renegade 700 Features Core Duo 2, Quad SLI. FYI: In the last few months (or weeks) all AMD world record benchmarks fell to Intel processors such as Core Duo (Yonah) and unreleased Core 2 Duos (Conroe and Merom). Imagine this. the world record for SuperPi 1M is now 13.9 seconds on a (overclocked) Conroe 3.6GHz.. The fastest (and extremely overclocked) AMD FX can't even managed a sub 20 second. Not to mention scores for 3dMark, AquaMark, etc..
  6. lexwalker

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    Folks, check out this: Extreme Tech - Revisiting the Big Kahuna--Seagate's 750GB Barracuda 7200.10 . Some quotes from that first page.. And check out the results in there too.. Some quotes from final page - Fast Versus Really Fast Can SR verify this review?
  7. lexwalker

    Seagate announces 750GB Barracuda 7200.10

    Concerning that review link.. One of the conclusions was.. Looks like the need for a review here is in order...
  8. That's due to the drive being stuck in "performance" mode (without AAM feature) and also being dual platters (2 x 80GB per platter). More platters = more noise = more power consumption = more heat. Single platters such as the 7200.9 160GB (single platter version) are much quieter and less power hungry (and cooler as well). BTW.. I have about 9 of those 7200.7 160GB drives..
  9. I agree with Lord Beau.. My 7200.9 160GB is just like that.. Anyway my 7200.9 160GB (SINGLE PLATTER!) is the PATA version.. Does that count?
  10. lexwalker

    Which drive to pick

    Yups.. I'm waiting for that too. My suggestion of RAID-0 relates to usage of the HDD for just installing and running games (see thread starter's posts). However, if using the HDD for data storage purposes also, then RAID-0 isn't recommended.
  11. lexwalker

    Which drive to pick

    Its still will have to depend on your hardware combo (processor, chipset, etc) as well as your operating system setup and optimizations. For single drive, the Raptor IS the fastest. However considering the price (and value per GB), if you want capacity AND speed then I would suggest to go for 2 drives in RAID-0 configuration instead. Its should give you a more "consistent" results as well.. For some ideas on speed of RAID-0 (ie. pros and cons), check out AnandTech - Seagate 7200.9 160GB: The Highest Platter Density to Date! which also compares against Raptor and dual 7200.9 in RAID-0.
  12. lexwalker

    High capacity hard drive

    Concerning your enclosure.. No idea. Since there are no hard drive "BIOS" on enclosures, then its up to the operating system do detect and access its available capacity. Of course, (unsure though) possible some older USB to IDE chipsets may not support 48-bit LBA... One way to know is to try it out.. in other words, put in a larger than 137GB drive in it to test.. By the way, had no problems with 160GB and 200GB HDDs in my Metal Gear Box.. Thus, that one can support 48-bit LBA after all..
  13. lexwalker

    Long IDE cable

    Hmm.... High UDMA CRC error counts? I don't have that either... Question.. What hard drives are you using by the way? Tell me about it.. Standard 18-inch cables couldn't reach some of my drives, thus have to resort to 24-inch ones...
  14. lexwalker

    Seagate announces 750GB Barracuda 7200.10

    Check out first benchmarks of this 750GB monster at Big Bruin Tech News and Reviews: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 750GB SATA Hard Drive
  15. lexwalker

    Seagate 7200.9 users look here

    Its possible that this one is using 100GB per platter, which explains the lower STRs... By the way, on the original HDD (possibly 160GB per platter) the STR minimum of 50MB/s is really impressive!