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  1. go to system,hardware, device manager, look inside USB controller, uninstall USB mass storage if it is still there.
  2. AforceII


    its just a small niche market segment that seagate thinks some customers may want enterprise SAS interface performance with huge capacity file storage (excess of 750GB) that existing sas 10krpm (maximum 300GB) cannot provide. I personally think speed difference will be small with both only 7200rpm unlike using SAS 10krpm and 15krpm. For high speed servers, trend growing towards using seagate SAS 146GB 2.5" 10krpm and SAS 2.5" 73GB 15krpm.
  3. AforceII

    Samsung F series?!

    so fast, 250 per platter???
  4. AforceII

    SCSI adaptors

    maybe just sell away for a profit. The trend is now towards SAS. save money for cheaper SAS card instead of older scsi card.
  5. AforceII

    Who manufactures HP scsi drives?

    Do HP make big bucks by reselling these HP label scsi hdd? and any warranty by HP?
  6. a suggestion. make sure its a dual DVI output graphics card. you will need 2 DVI large size LCD.
  7. AforceII

    SATA Seagate Lasted One Week

    Well, I was sort of being dramatic. I probably have 80% of my photos scattered around on various backups, and I'll have to get some kind of UnDelete software to find another 10%. It's just gonna be a pain to sort through it all and rebuild my collection. Even shorter story: Seagate Sucks (from my POV) Hammer Not sure whether seagate can maintain the quality as seems like they shifting more production towards China and thailand. Anyway, Handling and using HDD has its risk, regardless of any brands.
  8. AforceII

    200GB Seagate 7200.10 vs Maxtor DM10

    stick with the maxtor DM10 if you are fine with it and doing well.
  9. AforceII

    Hitachi 80GB HDS728080PLAT20 + AAM

    i was wondering will enabling AAM make the HDD last longer since it is seeking slower, less chances of seek damage???
  10. suggest u leave it in the OK connection for a few days of usage just to be sure the strange clicking do not come back. It might be a kind of seagate background defect scan run in.
  11. AforceII

    Deskstar woes due to bad SATA cable

    the right angle one should be at the drive. however i am not sure if it makes any difference which side is for drive or MB.
  12. AforceII

    Scsi or Serial Scsi (SAS)

    SAS will be better. better airflow and future proof. neater cabling.
  13. depends on which factory, singapore, china or thailand? seems like singapore have the seashell while the rest comes in antistatic. not sure why ?
  14. AforceII

    Maxtor DiamondMax 20

    interesting. Maybe its a seagate version. but picture looks more like a maxtor internal.
  15. do take note that 10krpm and 15krpm have some kind of RV correction, (Rotational vibraton ). i am not sure about 7200rpm yet. it will be a concern if too many hdds in a a rack.
  16. AforceII

    Hard Drive Reliability

    Still, you need one more extra backup to DVD's for your really important data, just in case.
  17. i hope u will also be looking out for any dual core CPU replacement and a big 750GB for your drum recording in the very near future. HDD can get pretty nasty and frustrating once it hits 80% capacity.
  18. AforceII

    Will games benefit from SAS?

    considering the huge amount u are willing to pay for SAS interface 10k or 15k drives for games , have u considered how much u are going to spend on very fast CPU,MB and Rams?
  19. AforceII

    New raptors, how hot is OK?

    i think if u can still touch and not "ouch" , it should be okay. regardless, still its best to get fan cooling. All hdd if doing massive seeks will get really hot during heavy access.
  20. AforceII

    The Seagate AAM issue

    by the way, can SATA have AAM or only just PATA?
  21. AforceII

    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    RMA the bad one now. usually when drive new and has bad sectors its an impending failure sooner or later.
  22. AforceII

    A question on Seagate's warranty

    distributor OEM 5 year warranty. These distributors order hdd in pallets of thousands. and distributes to smaller computer assembly or individuals. system OEM 1 year warranty - compaq, dell and so on. They buy millions at special rate becuase they demand higher quality (New build only) but with cheaper one yr OEM warranty. Not sure how they work out the prices. retail - one year warranty usually. Yours could be from one of the system OEM PC manufacturer. Maybe you can check who is the system OEM could be HP or compaq or dell from the online warranty. Usually they will ask you to go back to the source for replacement.
  23. AforceII

    7200.10 is the noisiest drive I've owned

    i like the part that the lower end of sequential has increase from 30MB/s to 40MB/s, although not much, its still a better than no increase.
  24. AforceII

    Finally, dell to use AMD

    AMD must reduce prices of X2 by half to retaliate against intel. planning to get a dual core whoever is cheaper and consume less power. and can OC the highest.