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  1. lufthansen

    Bios virus?

    You're right. I'm amazed! After running all kinds of memory tests, none of them reported any errors. The system ran fine for 4 months, then started to act up again. Did reinstall, ended up with the same problem (same files always reported missing or corrupt, cyyicons one of them). Replaced the seemingly ok mem chips, and presto! Now everything runs smooth, reinstall a dream and I'm running a week of benchtesting of the raid 5 while crossing my fingers. I actually think I nailed it this time.... Still puzzled that none of the memtests picked up any errors though. Did 72 hours of continous testing - nothing!
  2. lufthansen

    Let me Paypal you a Beer !

    Stay away from the bios for now. Change the jumper to master. Go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Disk Management. Look for the drive there. If it's there, right click and make a partition, format it and voila! It's ok w 4 dollars - I'll tip the waiter myself...
  3. lufthansen

    help with backup routine

    Not sure if this would help, but it got a lot of tweaks : The link didn't work? look for mirrorfolder
  4. lufthansen

    PSU Recommendations, please!

    Haven't found any way to do staggered start-up w the rocketraid 1820.
  5. lufthansen

    Bios virus?

    Update: After recommendations I replaced my Antec True 550 PSU w a Corsair 620HX. After two weeks of testruns my problems seems to be solved. If the problems are solved (won't trust it until another two weeks), the cause of the problem would be an anemic PSU. My old Antec runs only a single 12v, which means not enough jolt in the start-up, hence the failure of several hdd's in the raid. I'll spare you from me trying to explain it, as the guys in the link;hl=lufthansen are the experts and know how to make sense of it. But in short: It makes sense from what I've experienced. With the old PSU I would not have any problems when doing an immediate (warm) reboot. The jolt would still be present in the PSU, and enough to get my family of disks up and running. Leaving my system off for a couple of hours would be enough to discarge the PSU, and I would get my issue with faulty raid. A dual 12v rail seem to be the cure. FYI: The new Antec apparently has that, so it is not a brand issue... although the Corsair is modular, sweet and quiet...
  6. lufthansen

    PSU Recommendations, please!

    Update: I've run the system w the corsair 620 for two weeks, and it is still stable. Seems like the cure (thanks!). I'm still crossing my fingers.... Btw: In reference to 620 vs the 520 - the 620 has an extra module and an extra cable for the sata's. Meaning: In my 8xsata hdd + 1 pata dvd and 1 sata system hdd I don't need to use any splitters. It may not make much difference, but I've become supersticious in terms of bad connections. If I had it my way, I'd have all connectors soldered.... but my thumbs are too big
  7. lufthansen

    PSU Recommendations, please!

    Thanks for great breakdown! It's this one you mean?;USER_ID=www If I'm in the story anyway - any reason why I should not go for the 620w? Waste of capacity?
  8. lufthansen

    PSU Recommendations, please!

    How about modular cables? It seems like a good idea to have mostly sata connectors, as I only have the dvd running on pata. I do have a floppy, if only for nostalgic reasons... I'd like to avoid crappy splitters in the future
  9. lufthansen

    Raid 5 keep dropping disc

    Not necessarily. Seagate 7200.10's are known to run warm. And heat problem takes a while to cause a drive to malfunction. If your drive is failing, the error correction algorithm in the hard drive firmware will kick in and this will cause the drive to not respond to the RAID controller for a period of time long enough for the RAID controller to conclude that the drive failed and therefore to drop the drive from the array. I'm not saying this is definitely what's happening in your case, but this is certainly possible. Is there any cooling in the hotswap casing? Judging only from the picture in the link you provided, it is pretty cramped w 3 disks in a 2 bay case. Heat could be an issue... I'd check the contacts in the hotswap first, as you suggest. If all power cabling and contacts are ok, then I would leave the middle bay in the hotswap empty for a while, see if it helps...
  10. lufthansen

    PSU Recommendations, please!

    Since I have both the issues w dropped disks and the absense of signal to the monitor on reboot, I'll go for replacing of the psu. Two 12v rails makes more sense, and maybe module cables dedicated to sata. It would be good not to have all these splitters, converters and extenders. They are all potential troublemakers. You're right: it's an old single 12v version of true550. I'll research the psu suggestions you gave me and let you know if it does the trick. Just one more: There is no need to go overboard, right? If I understand you right I need a dual 12v w decent ampere and watt, not necessarily a 1000w monster? Would a 620w Enermax do? See Thanks
  11. lufthansen

    PSU Recommendations, please!

    Any idea if that could be done w a rocketraid 1820 sata raid controller? The mobo is an asus ncch-dl, award bios 1005...
  12. lufthansen

    PSU Recommendations, please!

    DC Output: +5v(max40min0), +12v(max36min0.8), +3.3v(max32min0), -5v(max0,5min0), -12v(max1min0), +5v sb (max2min0) Typically after the system has been powered off for a length of time (overnight is enough), I would have one out of two disks ( sometimes both) dropping. If I'm lucky all I need to do is to reboot and the dropped disks will reappear. If I'm not so lucky it would ditch the raid or start rebuilding before I can intervene... The more I read of your comments and the more threads I read elsewhere, I start to think that my psu is anemic. It is a jolt start after all...
  13. lufthansen

    Raid 5 keep dropping disc

    There seems to be another issue worth considering: How many disks does your PSU have to fire up on reboot? I've probed that on this forum as a possible culprit for my own system (9 hdd's, 1 dvd and 2x3ghz nocona's), and the response was that my PSU might be to weak. It's an Antec True550, and folks have suggested that the current could be too low to be able to fire up that many units successfully on reboot. It takes a big jolt. Check and It may not be your issue, but it has a lot of similarities. I've had the monitor issue (takes forever to find signal upon reboot) since day one. The raid has been fairly stabile, but typically faulted after the system had been powered down for long periods (scandinavian vacations - you know). After i physically moved the server a couple of months ago I have had nothing but trouble w the raid. The same disks would fault, I would power down the system, wait a while, and voila - the broken disk would reappear. Not an ideal situation.... What PSU do you have?
  14. lufthansen

    Raid 5 keep dropping disc

    I've had the same disks faulting on a rocketraid sata raid5. I've replaced the disk on that port twice in 2 years. The controller seems fine, and on both faults I replaced the sata cable w a new one. I'm starting to think that it might be the power supply to the disk, as I have splitters on all connectors to be able to feed 8 disks. These splitters are not high tech, and could mean power interruption to the disk - causing a faulty raid. It's worth checking out if your power connectors are clean and tight. Especially since your disk started faulting after you moved the server. That's when I started getting trouble as well. If it's a bad power connection you're in for a cheap repair. If it's not : Good luck with the troubleshooting - and please let me know if you find the solution!
  15. In my never ending troubleshooting of an ASUS NCCH-DL w/ 2xnocona 3ghz, 800fsb, 2g ram, asustek ati9600 graphic card and highpoint rocketraid 1820A w/ 8x300gb diamondmax in raid 5, I think I have 2 options left; replace the mobo ( have one spare, but the system is watercooled - hence a lot of hassle and risks involved) or replace the PSU. The reason I think it might be the psu (antec true550) is that I have 2 recurring problems; A monitor that takes for ever to find signal upon reboot, and that the system almost always fail, corrupting the raid, when left turned off for a while. Hibernation or standby is guaranteed trouble. At , Torn mention that a discharge of the PSU when left off can cause errors similar to what I have experienced. Which leads to: Do anyone else have similar experiences? Is it the Antec? Is it too much load on a 550w (9x hdd's, 1 dvd, 2x3ghz cpu's)? If you think the psu is too weak or unstable on the voltage, I'd like some recommendations on other psu's... Thanks in advance!