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  1. from the german site, i assume you either run a patch/firmware upgrade on the HD or an updated version of the HUTIL doesn't show the error?
  2. any updates on this situation?
  3. I just wanted to make sure ... Is the only advantage the Raptor has over modern/current 1TB drives is it's faster random read/access because of the 10k spindle? Has current 1TB hard drives (I'm particular interested in the Samsung F1) caught up close enough in performance? (read and write) I'm wondering because I have the current 74GB and I'm now accustomed to the "snappiness" of the drive, and I'm wondering if I'll lose that going to the new TB drives. The one big thing I don't like about the Raptors are the loud seeks, sometimes it can be annoying. Any help with new info would be great
  4. badtz

    Samsung F series?!

    Well, the OS wouldn't really matter. But I do agree with you .... OS X > XP/Vista
  5. badtz

    Samsung SpinPoint F2 Details!

    Looking at how long it took Samsung to announce the F1 and actually bring it to market, I'm thinking this won't be arriving any time in our lifetimes
  6. badtz

    Samsung F series?!

    Does anyone have more info about the RAID version and how [specifically] it differs? Obviously higher MTFR...
  7. badtz

    Samsung F series?!

    since the average access times on the F1 is slower than the other drives [esp in comparison to the raptor] how would this effect the general day-to-day use of an OS? Will it "feel" significantly slower?
  8. Across all platters and plattersides at the same time. So it's across all platters, going from outside to inside on all of them?
  9. By default OS installation always starts at the beginning (outer, faster area) of the drive (of course only if there isn't something other software/data sitting on that place already). But when you have already initially created that first smaller physical partition then the OS simply can't go outside this partition limits... Typically, if there's multiple platters, does it fill up the first platter (assuming a blank drive) and goes on to the second platter in sequential order? Or does it get spread across all platters at the same time?
  10. Random access time (and seek time) is always given as an average for the full drive capacity. But the Raptor is 150GB only... Now if you will create a 150GB partition at the beginning of 1TB 7200rpm drive then it covers so narrow area that the average access time inside this partition is in fact the same or even better than the average access time for 150GB 10000rpm Raptor! There's the main reason... Plus add also better firmwares for contemporary top-capacity drives and their higher platter/head count too... Thanks for clearing that up Interesting that the Raptor's 10k spindle drive wouldn't make a difference. How would you ensure that your OS gets installed in the partition at the beginning of the drive? Is it installed there by default on an erase+install of an OS?
  11. aren't random access times still fastest on raptors [which theoretically] should make a visible difference in day to day use? Not sure, since I don't have the 7k100 or f1 [yet] ..... still using the raptor as primary drive ...
  12. badtz

    Samsung F series?!

    How important is random access times (in what instances would it be advantageous)? I'm wondering because I'm trying to decide if I should use this drive (significantly more space) over the 150GB Raptor? I'm using one of the drives above as my main OS/Apps drive, and I just recently bought the WD "Green Power" 1TB drive for my storage drive (because of how quiet it is)....
  13. I'm more curious from a technical perspective what's going on [out of curiosity]
  14. No, the heads are constantly switching (between all of the platters and plattersides) after every some few tracks read. So, you never know exactly where your data was written to?
  15. so by default, things are written to the outer sectors and make its way to the inner sectors before it goes to the next platter?