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    Seagate NAS (4-bay) Review Discussion

    And btw, with the BadUSB headlines somebody like, oh, say, Dropbox could probably make a few bucks off a robust, portable, encrypted container for removable media... It might not impress the Sand Hill Road set but clearly the wonderful cloud nirvana is taking its time to reach some users
  2. housewares

    Seagate NAS (4-bay) Review Discussion

    Cyclical backups off a VM or cloning from a mirror take forever using USB 2.0. Option of faster passthru interface = better When away from the office & requiring read-only or read-mostly access to the main online volume there's no trendy Amazon cloud f/s solution which practically substitutes for a current physical copy.
  3. housewares

    Seagate NAS (4-bay) Review Discussion

    They've abandoned the USM implementation throughout their products -- lack of a cross-platform filesystem probably didn't help. Meanwhile their "SDrive" thing, sold as some kind of storage target, VHD-over-SSL-type-of-who-knows-what (is data encrypted on-the-fly? at time of writing? mixture of both?) is functionally Google-proof
  4. housewares

    Drobo Review (Gen 3) Discussion

    The old one was too slow to be tolerable (either USB or Firewire 800). So since they changed basically nothing physically -- e.g. would've been nice to have the drives in side/vertical orientation like most consumer NAS now do -- this has the appearance of excess unsold Gen2 stock refurbished with new silicon
  5. The Kensington slot is a nice touch, to deter those casual thieves from pocketing a 10 pound metal box from somebody's desk
  6. The WD Se drives you tested use emulated sector size, like the WD Red. Does NanoBSD (basis of FreeNAS) correctly prep the 4K geometry now, or does it still require the extra step of gnop & ashift
  7. They didn't even bother to change the plastic enclosure from the one 6 years ago...
  8. This ReadyData OS is licensed from Nexenta (illumos base), right
  9. I'd presume the spec'd Atom D2701 in this Seagate NAS doesn't support ECC? The D2700 doesn't:
  10. housewares

    Hard disc drive mobile racks

    One vendor marketing drive racks, specifically at forensics use, is Wiebetech-CRU, usually high build quality but also high price. Addonics is another mix & match outfit like StarTech, who combine or re-badge various parts from elsewhere; the sturdiness isn't quite professional grade though. I own a lot of Icy Dock stuff and wouldn't call those rugged or durable by any means. Consider just going with eSATA docks and some silicone carrying cases/trays.
  11. Is there a particular reason, aside from roll-out to a large office with dozens of machines, not to get the 60 gig rather than 30 gig model? The review seemingly implies that it's not worth the price difference but maybe there is a certain application or workflow benefiting from more cache...? Going from online customer reviews it seems to support 64-bit OS just fine now so I'm leaning toward getting one for my notebook's eSATAp port (which probably isn't 6GB/s anyway). I did not see it mentioned whether Windows boots gracefully without the cache drive attached.
  12. I have a month-old Vostro without a free mSATA slot, afaik, but it does feature an eSATAp-style port on the side (SATA III controller, supposedly). Using a cheap adapter I could hook up any SSD licensed for Dataplex, but what current alternatives exist to connecting a 2.5" caching drive (or mSATA)? I wanted something thumb-drive-ish a la the old OCZ Throttle. If there's no such animal, does the NVELO software impede Windows from starting up with drive absent or does it fail gracefully?
  13. Simpler magnetic storage methods have prevailed, and we seem to be moving all NAND-wise. If not for the plastic-eating bacteria here I'd put the valuable data strictly on optical
  14. housewares

    enclosures for 1.8" drives (Hitachi, Toshiba)

    Should've paid attention to my own link; seems they market a ZIF-format enclosure as well--if I understand them correctly, it's the "Toshiba version" which should also work on the Travelstar C4K60 Slim's onnector. Would be interested to hear anyone's experience with this as pocket storage. Running guns to Hamas sure does hamper my ability to keep up with these things