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    Toshiba L200

    Cable problem is fixed and still bad sustained write performance, so I have no doubts now that they are SMR, even as single drive write performance decreases after a while but like mentioned it's much more noticeable in a raid config, I have a 4 disk raid5 btrfs pool with theses disks, and transferring a large number of large video files (from a fast SSD pool) speed starts at around 300MB/s which is about what I expected, but after about 30 or 40GB transferred (maybe they have a small CMR zone?) it tanks to around 30MB/s and stays like that for the duration, I have other raid pools with CMR disks and transfer speeds remain consistent for the whole tranfer.
  2. Cuttysark

    Toshiba L200

    Sorry for the late reply, but yes, you were right, these disks are definitely SMR, I have a few of them and it's especially noticeable on a btrfs raid5 pool, writes start fast enough but after a few GB transfer speed tanks. Turns out I had a cable problem with one of the disks, so the performance issues might be related to that, let me test some more and I'll post an update later.
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    Toshiba L200

    Toshiba L200 are all PMR, they use this media:
  4. I've just installed a sofware RAID-5 array on my Windows XP Pro using the Tom's Hardware Hack and it works as expected, fast reads and slow writes, because i don't need the speed it's a good and cheap redudant solution for me. The problem is that I disconected a drive to see what happened and windows didin't notify me i had a failed array, the only way to see is to go to disk manegement. Now if i didn't disconect the drive on purpose it could be days or weeks before i found out that i had a failed drive. Is there any option in windows to notify me instantly in case of a failed array? Thanks for any help and sorry for my bad english.