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    Seagate Barracuda ATA V

    It's the pitch, not the volume. The "whooshing" of fans in the back of my PC is far less objectionable to me than the "whining" of hard disks up front. Plus I don't go in for high-powered cooling setups, so my fans aren't terribly loud either. Maybe if they were louder they might completely mask the drive noise, but then they *would* be too loud for my tastes. Now if these Barracuda's were as slow as my 3-year-old ThinkPad hard drive, I might reconsider. That drive is sssslowwwww...
  2. bobg573a

    Seagate Barracuda ATA V

    I happily replaced my trouble-prone IBM 75 & 60GXPs with Barracuda IVs. Their performance may not give me bragging rights, but they are far from slow and are blissfully quiet. I find the faint high-pitched whines from most 7200-rpm drives to be be highly annoying, and these are the first drives I haven't been able to hear at all. If I needed a new drive right now, the Barracuda V would be my first choice, but the upcoming model with 8MB cache is what I'm looking forward to for the PC I plan to build next Spring.