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  1. My eigth IE window displaying the smiley page freaked out the system (I already had one IE window showing this thread). I was able to close the offending IE window by clicking where the window close x would have been. 2 x P3-800 1 GB Ram ATI Radeon 32 MB DDR, Driver version W2k SP4 current with all patches as of today IE 5.5, current with all patches as of today Commit charge peak: 260 MB Swap files: 2 x 512MB System was re-booted this morning (14 hours ago). Looks like WinXP handles this issue better than W2k.
  2. macharya

    Looking for a PC Case

    Here's one. And another. And another. And another. Finally.
  3. honold: 1) What video card are you using with your Dell 20" LCD? 2) What video card are you using with your new Samsunf 240T? Thanks.
  4. macharya


    glug wrote: What kind of 17" monitor runs at that rez??
  5. macharya

    Recommended 9x/ME [vcache] settings

    From the horse's mouth.
  6. Sprit: You already have an extended partition inside of which D: is a logical drive, right? And you want to use the blank part of the disk as well? In Win2k's Disk Manager, just right click on the blank, unformatted space and create a logical drive. Unless, like Sechs, I'm missing something. Don't move the FAT partiton beyond 8GB; you may not be able to boot. Just best to leave it as is. Frank: IIRC DOS can and will see upto 4 partitions on a disk, and they can all be primary. Compaq came up with the concept of Extended partition to work around this limit. The Extended partition is considered a primary partition and a container for logical drives which are not considered partitions for the purposes of the 4-partition limit.
  7. Frank, actually, no, I'm more confused. The user and a-types are pretty obvious. What's a v-type? An employee of a MS vendor that works a lot with MS (at MS's campus) and so has an email ID there? A MS employee that works a lot with MS vendors (or vendors who sell MS' stuff) and so has a v-type email ID? From your long post, I conclude that you've been assimilated (MS employee)?? I'm clueless
  8. Congrats! And best wishes! It's heartening to know that substance is still considered more important than form. PS: What's a v- position?
  9. macharya

    Large hard disk and windows 2000

    Intel specifically states that the App. Accelerator is NOT for older chipsets. Only the 8nn chipsets are supported. If anybody is feeling adventurous, I suggest they image their OS partition first before fooling around with it.
  10. e_dawg wrote: So, what would you use for a transactional environment ?
  11. macharya

    USB drive partition problems

    What was the util, Grape?
  12. From time to time, I've seen the "not invented here" mentality creep up at SR, and it never ceases to amaze me. Why this blind "my guru is better than yours" attitude? Why can't people spend the time and effort to read what the "other" guru has to say, and then disagree with it (if they're so inclined) rather than to belittle that other Guru? Yes, there are many frauds on the internet, but by belittling them we are stooping down to the same level they operate from. Let's evaluate on merit rather than bias or prejudice, and disagree rather than belittle. I started with SR when they got started, and have visited 2CPU many, many a time. While I obviously have not read every single post made by these gentlemen, I have the greatest respect for CAS (SR), and think jeh (2CPU), for the most part, makes a lot of sense too. What I find remarkable about both is the way they disagree or refute what another has said; they never belittle that person, but respond solely with faultless logic. They don't seem to take anything personally. That is behaviour worthy of emulation.
  13. macharya

    632 MB RAM usage? This is just silly

    I'm no expert, but this much I do know--the numbers you see in the task manager window aren't really what they seem to be. Somebody holler for CAS - he'll give you a rational explanation.
  14. macharya

    Media Destruction

    Some shredder mfrs. are now incorporating a special slot to shred CDs, Eric. I've seen these advertised in the flyers of office supply stores.
  15. Chew, Thanks for the reply. No, not Raid, just plain vanilla PCI add-in ATA controller that is seen by W2k/XP as a SCSI controller, with just a single or two drives hooked up to it, JBOD.