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  1. luvmich

    Western Digital RMA Slow?

    Advance RMA on a WD3200JD started Oct 3 and I received the drive Dec 1. 9 weeks, thank gosh I was not holding my breath.
  2. luvmich

    Long RMA

    I sure hope it is just a backlog and not poor quality drives. It nice to know I'm not the only one with RMA problems, that make me think "backlog"
  3. luvmich

    Long RMA

    I have a WD3200JD (320GB Sata). Bought back in July, started acting flaky in Aug and went bad Sept 29. Too many bad sectors to repair. Not unusual in my book, I haven't had a drive go bad since my IBM 75GXP 45Gig crapped out and I've used over 40 drives since then. It was just my time for a bad one, or was it? I got my RMA from WD Oct 3 since their web site was down from Sept 29 thur Oct 2. I choose the advanced replacement, that way I would have the proper packing to ship the bad one back. Guess what is next? They still haven't shipped a replacement drive and it is now Nov 8! Three times they have told me they are out of drives to ship me. My reply the second time was "Would you like me to send back my bad drive so you can have one to fix and return to me" I know WD is good, but so good that they don't have one fixed bad drive to send me BS aside, I have a hard time believing WD is out of drives to send me, heck after a month+ you would think that they would just send a new drive or a bigger refurbished drive. The last time I had to wait this long for a drive was with my IBM 75GXP. I sure hope this is not a repeat. Anyone else been having the same problem with WD?
  4. luvmich

    Microsoft Error !

    I wasn't much in the debug stuff, but I still use the "con" today. Example.. go to the DOS prompt and type "copy con test.txt" You can then type text into the test.txt file, press return to get to the next line, and "F6" then "Enter" to exit. Quick way to make a text file without an text editor or word processor.
  5. luvmich

    Power Supply recomendation please.

    I like Seasonic! Very efficent and active power correction! The link is to a 430W, but they also have a 500W and 600W if you want to be a bit more future proof! NewEggs (430W Seasonic)
  6. luvmich

    Power supply question

    I believe this power supply meets your needs. Their are others, but this is my favorite! Good effiency and Active power correction! Spec for the Seasonic S12's Seasonic
  7. I just think of it like this. "S-ate-A" Say it fast and you've got it! Heck as long as you know what your talking about who cares Just my .02$
  8. luvmich

    western digital

    You need to enblebigLBA. Check this web site out
  9. luvmich

    Pop-up ads - WTF?

    I would say you have a little spy ware installed. I have been browsing SR for over a year and they have never once served me a pop-up! I don't even need a pop up blocker when browsing SR.
  10. Yes I would replace the tinkertoy. I just placed a Seasonic S12 500W in my server. The Antec True Control 550W was too load. Yes I could slow the fans down, but then it didn't cool worth a pooh The Seasonic S12 500 I got for NewEgg cools much better and with less noise. I guess a 120mm fan on a power supply is much better than a 90mm and 80mm that was on the Antec.
  11. Hitachi is supposed to have 8GB and 10GB soon. The 12GB are definitly memory based and news to me. I thought 8GB were the biggest. Learn something new every day I guess. The 8GB are $1200, so I'm guessing a 12GB for $9999 still makes it none existent.
  12. luvmich

    portable storage?

    That brings up a good point! Mirror'n a bad drive to a good drive. That is my worst nightmare, I hope that never happens. Anyway I have about 31,000 songs on my 250Gig drive and you will not find me burning them to DVD. DVD are nice for watching movies and the sort, but spending a month burning off 31,000 songs, no way. The other problem with DVDs is the lack of being able to update new material and delete the old. My solution led me down the FireWire path. I have a 250GB drive in my server that hosts all my music and I have a 250GB FireWire HD that I keep in sync with it. In the case of a fire, I bought my Brother-in-Law a 250GB drive that I also keep in sync with my music drive. Now the DVD way is about half as much from the start, but in the long run external drives are much cheaper. Heck if your time is worth anything buy the externa HD or better yet a pair of external HDs.
  13. luvmich

    Gigabit Switches

    My SMC switch! Port 1 = Server with Intel 1000MT 1000Mbit Jumbo Frames Port 2 = HP print server 10Mbit Port 3 = Game Machine 1 Realtek 1000Mbit Jumbo Frames Port 4 = Game Machine 2 Realtek 1000Mbit Jumbo Frames Port 5 = Wifes Computer Realtek 1000Mbit Jubmo Frames Port 6 = Daughters computer Realtek 1000Mbit Jumbo Frames Port 7 = Dell Laptop 100Mbit Port 8 = Linksys Router Everything works great except when I try to go to my web site hosted on my server. It tries to go though the router and it doesn't support jumbo frames. The fix is to add a line in the "c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts". I just have to make the web site redirect directly though my local network instead of my wan connection. No need for Vlan! Just Plug and Play
  14. luvmich

    Gigabit Switches

    Lets put it like this, I have never seen a gigabit nic not support jumbo frames. I've used Realteks, Broadcoms, Intels, Dlinks, Linksys, and all support Jumbo frames.
  15. luvmich

    Gigabit Switches

    I believe all the switches you name don't support jumbo frames. The SMC is the only cheap switch to date that does. I think that if I were you, I would try and make the SMC switch available to you. I have one and I love it! You also don't have to make everything on the switch support jumbo frames. I have 10mbit half duplex print servers attached the the switch and it work just fine when all my computer have jumbo frames on. With Jumbo frame off I only get about 20MB/s transfers between computers. With Jumbo frames on I get 30MB/s transfers. Jumbo frames also lower my CPU usage. With Jumbo frames on the CPU never get over 40%. With Jumbo frames off the CPU usage is 100%. Almost all gigabit cards support jumbo frames, so if I were you I would make sure you get a switch that supports jumbo frames.