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    SCSI 15k RAID0

    i have read/write cache enabled and i did what mylex told me too do with the settings on the controller but still nothing. when installing stuff or unzipping stuff i do notice a performace increase but benchmarks wont show it. wierd...
  2. __TanK__

    SCSI 15k RAID0

    windows 2000
  3. __TanK__

    SCSI 15k RAID0

    hey im new here and i got a prob. i have 2 seagate ultra 160 18gig 15k rpm drives in raid 0. each one is on its own channel. im using a mylex acceleRAID 352 with 64 MB on board cache. when i do HDtach or any other bench mark is say about 30MBps transfer and about 8 sec seek time. i was getting a lot better with a single drive. any help?