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    Hard Drive bad sectors - OS Dependant?

    Hi I think the os flags the suspect regions with a file system level marker. This will likely be destroyed on formatting the disk. So if you had suspect areas in windows and installed linux on the drive the formatting process would likely write over the areas in question. I would look into zero writing the drive and running the drive maker's utility to find actual bad sectors. I would also run memtest on that system to see if anything else was amiss. Just because an os determines suspect areas does not mean it is any more than a software issue, but easily could be. A formatting may clear it up. Emphasis on may.
  2. I would have a swap on each drive, in the os/apps config, no raid.
  3. Have you tried the card in a different slot?
  4. Blakhart

    what's a good SW tool to check HD?

    Ultimate Boot CD is an awesome tool.
  5. Blakhart

    What is Spread Spectrum Clocking?

    SS is typicaly only used when the board maker is trying to pass some Euro emi test, and pretty much for no other reason. I have never seen any reason for an end user to have any form of SS running.
  6. There are tests one can run to test check the drive, usualy you can download them from the drive's maker. As well, I would look into running memtest86 to see if the error isn't in memory rather than hdd corruption.
  7. Blakhart

    raid help

    If all the disks measure the same speed roughly, I would use them and not bother trying to match their versions. But if you have the money why not get matching drives? You could always use the spare for backups or whatnot. And I would run the Intel ports, but that's just me. I think the Intel hardware may have a speed and latency advantage over the gigglbit.
  8. Thanks for the link, lots of usefull software there!
  9. Blakhart

    Best method for mounting hard drives?

    I have drives running almost every single day that where made when their 8 gigs of space was a common item on store shelves. What I am getting at is even if the standard drive install is the worst for drive or data longevity, some of them survive quite well. And for years too. Conversely, I have had brand new drives fail in a few days. Was their failure due to evil mounting practice?
  10. Blakhart

    SCSI and Termination: help!

    And the last drive next to the termination (and only this last drive) should have a jumper for term power enable. This should probably be enabled, it assures adequate power gets to the termination. Sorting out any id conflicts is also a good idea.
  11. Blakhart

    IBM Deathstar settlement

    I had one of the 40g deathstars but an oem model so I doubt if it is covered by any settlement, made the infamous deathstar click of death eventualy. I had since forgotten about the settlement..... let me know how goes it. They were fast mothers in their day though.
  12. What are the cache settings in the card?
  13. Blakhart

    SCSI vs SATA?

    That and the scsi stuff is typicaly made for 24/7 full throttle use, made of better materials and to closer tolerances than typical p/s-ata. Too, scsi is a real bus. P/s-ata is a subset of scsi, from the beginning, iirc. I would use scsi over p/s-ata any time I can.
  14. I think your results are representative of common experiences with the drives and adaptors in question. I would certainly be looking at running a 2x2 aid0 config per your results.
  15. Blakhart

    Magnetic shielding/immunity for drives

    Your risk of a bad drive being caused by any flourescent lighting, or any magnetic field, is zero. Consider how the drive motor is replete with magnets, right next to the platers.... OMG! What about those drive magnets??? Now if lightning crossed from a light assembly to the drive it would likely be ruined, but other than that, nada. I suppose you could get inducted noise from an ac light system into a running computer and corrupt data that way, if the light was close enough. You can certainly get ac noise from lighting into cat5 cable if the two are close enough, as it's unshielded. Cat6, being shielded, was made to counteract this.