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    Electronic hdd platter reader

    Check your local college for data forensics classes, as thats what it will take to learn to use this kind of equipment. The machinery your speaking of is extremely specialized and will cost you $100k+. Once you manage to buy the equipment, and get the training, expect a steep learning curve on making all those 0s and 1s into usable data. Theres a reason those companys charge insane amounts to recover data. -Dan
  2. DracoDan

    Maxtor 120GB SATA 6Y120M0

    I'm interested but rarely check these boards, E-mail me at dracodan (at) gmail.com. I'm at work right now and will have to wait until I get home to work any deals. BTW, I'm assuming there is a factory warranty on these drives?
  3. Is this still available? I've been trying to get one of these off Ebay, but I cant find one with the BBU. Since I don't frequent these forums, please send me an E-mail at dracodan<at>gmail.com if your still looking to sell. I have heatware and Ebay feedback under dracodan.
  4. Oops, I guess thats what happens when your posting at 4:22AM Sorry, not intrested in paying for anything right now, moneys too tight. That is a happy fellowing awesome deal on that drive though. Good luck selling it.
  5. That was for the seagate drives. How do I edit posts here?
  6. I know its a long shot, but would you be intrested in trading those drives (partial?) for my fibre channel setup? - http://forums.storagereview.net/index.php?showtopic=15958
  7. back to the top, someone has to be intrested in this stuff
  8. bump, buy my stuff or make an offer please
  9. I have decided to sell my fibre channel setup due to the fact that I have absolutely no time to work on it. I will be leaving for Iraq this fall and I'm trying to get rid of a lot of my stuff that I dont mess with any more. First on this list of things to go is my fibre channel setup, which includes the following, prices lists are estimates from ebay to show you how much this stuff would cost there. 5x 36GB seagate cheetah 10k.6 10,000rpm/8mb drives - $400 for all ($80/ea is the cheapest I found) QLogic QLA2200 64/66 pci card - $75 2' HSSDC to DB9 cable - $10 cinonic SCA40 to RJ45-shielded adapters - $300 for all ($60/ea listed on www.cinonic.com, not found on ebay) all required shielded cat5 cables, adapters, and loopback plug are included. Everything you should need is here. That total comes up to $785, not including shipping from all those different sellers or the price of all the cables and loopback. I am asking only $500 plus shipping. I HIGHLY prefer not to split this kit up, but will do so if I can get buyers for all the pieces. I will only ship to the US, sorry all you eurpean guys, I dont have time or the expereince to deal with all the customs requirements. Now here is the catch (theres always a catch) I was never able to get the setup to be 100% functional. I got pretty close, but I always had issues with SCSI bus resets. I believe this is either due to the fact that the drives are behind two PSUs (causing interference) or the fact that I may have a bad cable in the bunch. One of the cables was made by my self, the rest were included in the kit from the manufacturer of the adapter cards. This kit would be great for someone that had time to mess around with this stuff and get it working properly. The card was a breeze to get working in Linux and I hear the windows drivers are even easier (naturally). Unfortunately, due to the nature of all this, I am not offering any refunds due to the fact that you might not get it running correctly, I will only honor DOAs. I am willing to help as much as possible by E-mail if you have any questions. I'm hoping that someone that is experienced in fibre channel or has a lot of time to learn picks this up. The only things I am looking for in trade or partial trade are: Dual opteron board, any board with AGP will do Pair of opteron 244's or higher Seagate Cheetah ST373405LW 73LP 73GB drives (must be this exact drive as I want to run it in raid with my current 73LP) If you are offering a dual opteron board, I would be intrested in pc3200 ecc/reg ram as well, but I wont buy/trade for it alone until I know I have a board to put it in. my references are: heatware: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=10438 ebay: http://cgi2.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISA...userid=dracodan
  10. DracoDan

    FS: AMD Athlon MP Dual Setup

    how much do you want for the ram? dibs while i wait for a reply from you.