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  1. Sling

    Turning on write cache on Maxtor SCSI drives?

    If your Tekram card is LSI chipset based, LSI has a utility on their website where you can check and change the settings of your drives. I have 3 Atlas 10KIII's on a Tekram U160 card that all showed write cache enabled when I loaded the utility.
  2. Sling

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    Looks like Free-DC is hot on our tail. They had twice the daily production today. Lets not let the team die out. As far as the java thing, I downloaded the sun java, but the program doesn't use java if you don't have the gui up, right? To the potential future teammates, why not sign up? We have come a long way, lets shoot for 4th place.
  3. Sling

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    Hi everyone! I just revived my nodes late last week. I now have 4 boxes crunching. Maybe we should bump this thread often to keep awareness up.
  4. Sling

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    The most I dumped at once was about 500 units a couple of weeks ago. My crunching is down a bit lately due to finals and projects. Next week its back to 100% crunch time!
  5. Sling

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    Just wanted to bump this thread and encourage everyone to join the team. The bottom 13 are inactive and have been for some time. We need to maintain our momentum! Currently we are 16th overall after just 37 days of crunching! I just brought on another p4 2.66 to make up for the blistering p3 500's running day and night. Hopefully our inactive members have been working offline all this time.... Anyway, JOIN!
  6. Sling

    Sound Cards with FULL DOS Support

    Do they still put SB-Link on motherboards these days? I've never used it, but I remember seeing it in the user guide of my old asus P2B-DS board this weekend while building another d2ol node. From the user guide.... "this connector allows Sound Blaster 16 compatibility to AWE64D (Digital) or other PCI audio cards, enabling users to play Real-mode DOS games and multimedia applications. SB-Link acts as a bridge between the motherboard and the PCI audio card by providing the DMA and IRQ signals present in the ISA bus but not available on the PCI bus" Again, don't know if these are even in use, proof that I have too much old crap lying around. Hope it helps!
  7. Sling

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    16th Place in the All Time stats! Man, we are good!
  8. Sling

    Motherboard for PIII-S 1.4GHz

    A company called PowerLeap has an adapter for the Tualatin to use it on a BX board. Their website only prices the adapter with a prcessor but you can call them and get pricing on just the adapter. I've been debating whether to get one for this Optiplex. Their site is Tom's Hardware did an article on it some time ago, might be in the archives.
  9. Sling

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    It seems that our quick movement through the ranks is being noticed. Arstechnica is trying to recruit for their team. A couple of quotes from thier distributed computing forum: "It would be nice if we could keep this new team lower than us but at the moment the new teams are just too much." " is still beating us, need to do something about that. :[ " Makes it that much more fun!
  10. Sling

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    Alright, I'm in on this, too. I'm putting up my third machine tonight. 1. Homemade P4 2.66 --- mostly full time 2. Optiplex GX1 PIII 500 --- full time D2OL 3. Homemade PIII 500 --- full time also I have to admit, I feel like a junkie checking in on the stats throughout the day. It will be so much fun taking down those other hardware enthusiast sites one by one! Finally, a use for all these spare parts.
  11. Sling

    How much is this system worth?

    Here in the Phoenix area, fry's advertised memory is usually garbage. Its so bad the salesperson will tell you not to buy it. My friend bought a bad stick of ram and the clerk put it in their 'return to stock' bin. I wish they were better about that. Occasionally they have the premium stuff on sale, and they claim that their 1-year waranty stuff is of decent quality.
  12. Sling

    Safe to flash 29160N BIOS?

    Awhile back I got a really great deal on a 2940U2W that was oem. I flashed it with adaptec's latest firmware with no problems. Recently I flashed a PERC3 with LSI's latest for the MegaRAID Elite 1600 and it worked fine. Even had to get new drivers because it was now a completely different brand. I say go for it as long as you understand the risks.
  13. I remember once I read on a forum how great linux was for running a game server. I can't remember what game it was now, but I was so hyped up I went and downloaded a distribution (can't remember which one either). Now, granted I might be slow, but it was far more trouble than I thought it was going to be. Why do I say that? Because I am unintentionally familiar with Windows OSes. After struggling with my newly installed linux box for quite some time, I replaced it with 2000. I'm not ragging on Linux or any of the above discussion, but my assumption is that SCAJ didn't have Linux in mind. He only mentioned WinME, 2000 and XP and probably wouldn't want to invest the time in learning Linux for the sake of a game server. Again, maybe its just me.
  14. Sling

    VERY Quiet Case Fans

    I have some of vantec's 40mm fans. They are quieter than the cheap-o loud ones supplied with the case. My new case (an enermax) had a 120mm fan option in front of the hard drives for which I purchased an enermax adjustable. I set it to where it keeps sufficient air flowing over the hard drives. I use the speedfan program with the 40mm fans, keeping things cool and quiet.
  15. Sling

    Worth it to get a Maxtor 10k3?

    I actually have both drives you considered... 3x 18gb atlas 10k3 and the 800JB They run very quiet but you can hear them seek. Speed wise they feel faster than my 1st gen x15. Back in august I spent just under 100 US for them.