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  1. How do All, Being a newbie I would like to say hello first..... "Hello" Right I have been having some major grief with my system. The system will run fine for a few hours with no problems, usually just long enough to get WinME patched up with Windows update, the first sign things are going bad is the mouse and the PC as a whole becomes slow and jerky, looking at the HDD light, rather than flashing randomly when accessing the disk it will flash at a constant rate. At around this point I usually get a yellow error box come up saying such and such has caused an error in blah and will close, at this point the system will either freeze or run even slower. Either way if I go to reboot it will fail with disk corruption. Being away from home at the moment I cant see if my drive had the defective chip to check.... The drive is about 18 months old BTW. Does this sound like the same problem at the MPG3204AT drives are having ? This saga has been going on since Augst and I am desperate to get it resolved any comments. Thanks,