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  1. Anyone got any advice as to whether or not a raptor would be ok in a shuttle barebones system? I'm thinking specifically about the sb61 (springdale), current components are 2.53p4, 1GB pc2700, geforce4800, maudio410, maxtor dm9, pioneer105 - this works just fine. The shuttle makes a great system, but after a week with it I'm missing my x15 just too much!!!
  2. I'm looking to get a new 80GB ide drive & would like advise. I've looked through the database, but it seems to be looking at the big drives only. I've always thought the big drives were essentially the small ones + some extra platters & so the reviews should hold across the range. However the WD1200JB review shows different figures to the WD2000JB review so is this not then the case? I've had an IBM 120GXP in the past & that was fine noise-wise so anything around that noise lever would be ok. I'd rather not go for an v. quiet drive (i.e. Barracuda V) if it will mean a noticeable performance drop - is this actually the case?
  3. Is there such a thing? I've searched Maxtor's site & if it does exist it's extremely well hidden!
  4. I'm hoping that there won't be any disk reliability issues - I'm guessing that, given SR's environment readings, case temp should max out at 35C (under extreme disk activity, something I don't foresee) which should be within operating tolerances. TBH the box will not house anything mission critical & I'd imagine that if the disk dies due to heat issues this will likely occur early on (i.e. in warranty). BTW I've heard quite a few people mention running OS's from flash RAM - I'm not too sure that this is a sensible long term proposition given that said RAM has a stated maximum write-ability rating. I also wonder if flash RAM is designed to deal with the mem access patterns running an OS would present. (If anyone more knowledgeable can correct/confirm this opinion it'd be helpful).
  5. Sorry if you took my comment the wrong way - I wasn't intending to be rude. If there is a benefit to having the os on a flash stick (RAM disk) I'd certainly consider it, but I don't see what this benefit would be.
  6. What benifit would I see in doing this?
  7. Problem with the compact flash is space for my 60GB of ape files.... Looking at the case pics again, it does seem that there's a little space between the disk and the top of the mounting - maybe enough to squeeze in a few 486 heatsinks.
  8. Hadn't realised that storage review was doing heat measurements these days. Looks like a Maxtor 540 is about the best I can do heatwise (unless I come across a 536 on ebay). BTW. I don't think heatsinks are an option - don't think they'll fit inside the case ( Should get it sometime next week - if heatsinks are dooable I'll certainly fit them.
  9. I'm about to put together a via epia system to use as a router/firewall/mp3 server. If possible, I'd like to run this fanless and so am looking for the quietest drive available. Any suggestions - must be 80GB+, 3.5", speed is not even remotely important. dave...