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  1. I've found generally accepted practices for this are: OS: RAID 1 Transaction Logs: RAID 1 Database: RAID 5 All seperate physical volumes. As for # of controllers, drives, hotswaps, 0+1 instead of 1 etc., that's up to your budget and limitations of your server. Writing to a RAID5 can be slow so if you have lots of writes to your multiple databases that seems to me to be the first bottleneck you'd hit.
  2. dropkick

    drive mounting position

    doesn't matter as long as the airflow is ok.
  3. dropkick

    DiamondMax Plus 9 Results

    unscientific (appliactions running, etc.) hdtach of the 6Y060L0 (60GB)
  4. I tried my 3200 in my P4S8X and it ran like crap. Went back to IDE until I can get a real mobo and a real scsi card. Most likley an incompatibility with the mobo and the card. Works 500% better in my real Compaq servers tho. I also have Smart 221 cards on a couple BH6 mobo's and they work OK, nothing stellar as they're 450mhz boxes, but they were still faster than in my P4S8X. And yes, if you are lucky enough to get the DOS boot disk to work, great, otherwise you have to setup the 1st array in a different box, then move it and the drives to its new home. That boot disk 99% of them time doesnt work on non-compaq hardware. The config is stored on the drives, so you could technically build an array by just plugging the scsi cable into the 2nd port of an existing server
  5. dropkick

    DiamondMax Plus 9 Results

    All I know is the 60 is one platter. The entire drive is about .25" thin in some parts if you turn it over.
  6. dropkick

    Diamond Max 9 settings...

    The first tool reports the following: Recommended AAM value: C0h (medium acoustic emanation level) Current AAM value: FEh (maximum perfomance) Guess I will leave it alone. You can't hear the drives over the fans anyways. Or the big server next to it Maxtor 6Y060L0
  7. Picked up some new Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 drives... do we still have to turn off the acoustic management nonsense or has that gone away? I dont see that util on their site anymore.
  8. SATA is just a new interface. The drives are still the same. 7.2k is slower than 15k.
  9. dropkick

    Parallel <> S-ATA adapters

    Tried the SIIG adapter. Works perfectly... so far RMAing the 3ware. Too bad cause it's smaller and designed better. Except that it doesn't work. Never heard back from 3ware tech support either.
  10. dropkick

    Parallel <> S-ATA adapters

    Seagate should have the first true serial ata drives out end of November. I should have waited a few more weeks. Until then, I've emailed 3ware to get another opinion, and posted in few places to see if anyone else has had success. If it's hopeless I'll pawn the drives off on friends and buy new ones, and RMA the adapter.
  11. I've been running the same adaptec UDMA card (one of their first ide ones) based 180GB RAID 5 volume for two years now with absolutely no hiccups. The cables run thru the same 2" hole in a piece of metal in the case and the drives are on top of one another. I know IDE has a pretty weak signal structure, but it sounds like u just got a bum card or cables. IDE raid *is* viable in the enterprise. Heck, how many places you know of that are sucessfully running software RAID in businesses? (no, I wouldn't, but u get the idea ) Do you really think you need a stack of 15K scsi drives in that AD or DNS server? No. In a heavily loaded SQL box, yes. If there are only 25 people at your company, it's not heavily loaded.
  12. Dude, if it didn't work right to begin with, why would you expect it to last? I'm sorry, but adaptec is not at fault here. I hope you had a backup.
  13. dropkick

    Parallel <> S-ATA adapters

    p4s8x. whatever Yeah i was suprised too that it doesn't work... Also suprised to find out that XP doesn't support a software mirror either. wtf is up with that? Also note i tired and of the drivers, same exact thing. Serialized drive just locks up as it starts to format. Oh well I've wasted too much time with this crap.... Putting my clunkly old scsi raid back in CBL-P-SATA for sale!
  14. OK, I was going to build a somewhat temporary system on my P48SX (don't laugh) which has a Promise RAID chip on it with two S-ATA connectors and one ATA-133 connector. OK, I got two idential 60GB maxtor ATA-133 drives and 3ware's CBL-P-SATA converter. However when I try to actually write to the converted drive it just locks up, requiring a power cycle to bring it back. The other drive works fine thru the RAID controller on the ATA-133. 3ware says "Our converter no support other raid card.". I dont see why not, if it's "standards" based but whatever-screw them. Anyone know of any other brand of converter that might work? I know converters are a lame idea, but until i see a native serial drive in my hands its all we have to work with :/