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    Need advice on a PATA hdd

    I've run three WD drives in my system at the same time, two 80GB & one 200GB, with the case sitting on my desk, with both covers off, I never hear any noise from them.
  2. No_Spam

    Samsungs harder to find than other drives?

    Years ago, when I worked for a mid sized ISP, they always used Seagate for their servers, even though they ran hotter, they did not break.
  3. No_Spam

    Samsungs harder to find than other drives?

    Last month I picked up a WD 200JB drive. $129 with $60 mail in rebate, so $70 is a great price for a 200GB drive, and is very quite. WD asks for $15 to extend the warrenty from 1 to 3 years But I wish I had waited for the Seagate, $114 with $40 rebate FIVE YEAR WARRENTY
  4. The answer could be both, I'm sure the 250GB started out as a 3 platter and may still use three platters, but now that Seagate has just started using platters that hold up to 133GB, they will switch over to 2 platters to cut manufacturing costs, which they could be doing right this day. They may hold out telling anyone, so they can clear out all the 3 platter units first.
  5. No_Spam

    Platter Size Question

    I would say having less platters is better, fewer parts means fewer things making noise. Fewer parts also means less things generating heat. Western Digital will not make a harddrive with more then 3 platters. I guess that is why the three WD hard drives I have in my system do not make any noise that I can hear, and I leave the covers off.
  6. No_Spam

    IDE cable questions

    I've been told that for 80 wire cables, that the master goes on the end and the slave goes in the middle If you are explicitly jumpering your drives as master and slave cable position does not matter. If you have 2 drives one should be on the black connector and one on the grey. The blue connector must connect to the host connector (the motherboard in your case). If you wanted to jumper the drives to cable select then the slave drive must connect to the grey connector and the master drive to the black connector with the blue connector attached to the host. For a regular 80 conductor cable the blue and black connectors are on the ends with the grey connector in the middle. In a single drive environment the blue connector must connect to the host and the drive should connect to the black connector at the other end of the cable. You should not use the grey connector at all on a single drive installation. Hooked up this way it does not matter whether you explicitly jumper it as master or jumper it as cable select. Free 193755[/snapback]
  7. My explorer causes 100% cpu usage, My guess is I'm going to have to do a hard drive wipe and reinstall of Win XP.