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  1. Thank you for revealing this StamatisX. I have one question though, and if I'm not mistaken this wasn't mentioned in the article. Doesn't this registry tweak lower the battery times? (Maybe it can be applied for only the profile that is in use when the laptop is on a charger? Some pictures show that in the energy schemes but it's not clear to me if it applies only to those profiles.)
  2. AceTom

    Hitachi 7K2000 IDLE NOISE?!?!

    I have a Hitachi hard drive too, 7k1000.c, 1TB. I also hear that noise unfortunately, it's like the drive was seeking when it's in idle. I was talking about this on other forums, where other users have experienced the same noise, and have found no solution to it. I've even written an e-mail to Hitachi, but they just told some general answer, as if there was something wrong with my hard drive. Clearly, it is not a problem, since many people have experienced the same and all of the driver are working just fine. I wish Hitachi would tell us the reason for that noise. Maybe storagereview could ask them so that they'd write a normal reply?
  3. Thanks for the contest, hope you'll do these often.
  4. I wouldn't mind having that MyBook too but, oh well.. (I wanna have this Story )
  5. Manufacturer: Hitachi (GST) Family: Deskstar Released: 2009? Notes: Model Name (product family): 7K1000.C Model Number: HDS721010CLA332 Capacity: 1000 GB URL: [post=][/post] Interface: SATA2 Spindle Speed: 7200 RPM Seek: ? Buffer: 32000 KB Density: 500GB per platter