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  1. Well I also work mostly with home users and I've found some level of failures across all the major brands. Seagates, WD's, Samsungs, Fujutsu's and Maxtors, they all experience some level of premature failures. The reason I point this out is that it kinda seems that some people think that if they just choose the right brand then their chances of premature failure will be virtually non-existent and a backup strategy unimportant. Very wrong of course. 198028[/snapback] That's very true - there is no safe brand - it is quite likely that if you have ANY brand, it will eventually fail at some point, and it is random. Sadly, though, most home users have no interest in keeping a proper backup schedule. Even most small business owners I deal with(who have important data) will pay lip service to backups but will simply not put in the time to do it. As such, I always try to build redundancy into any system that has important data(Raid 1 or 5) as I know it is the only reasonable chance they have to recover from a failure.
  2. None of my observations will be scientific - just observations... I've installed about 40 Samsung drives over the last year and a half or so. They are very quiet and I have had no problems with them. As for Seagate, I have used and installed hundreds of them (all 7200.7) and have yet to have a problem or failure. They seem rock solid and have a good warranty. There seems to be some issues on them honouring the warranty period of five years(it's a good idea to check online, as they have had database problems) I have no real experience with WD, only a couple of drives.... I work mainly with home users, and I have a box of hard drives that I have replaced due to failure. All of them are Maxtor's, except for one old Fujitsu drive and a Hitachi Notebook drive. They are all 100GB or lower, so I cannot comment on the newer generations. However, Maxtor's always seem a bit cheaper so perhaps some of this is accounted for by the fact that they are more common than other makes in systems in my area. Personally, though, I stay away from Maxtor, due to the seemingly amazing rate of failure. This likely doesn;t apply anymore but it's hard to change my opinion. Of note is the fact that the vast majority of these maxtor drives failed a month or two after the warranty expiration date! I have little experience wioth IBM/Hitachi, though I did have one replaced on Warranty without incident. Keep in mind my experiences could be completely different from somebody elses...
  3. sduguid

    Remove activescan from XP?

    There isn't an uninstall option - it is just a browser program. (unless they have changed it recently. One option is to use Hijackthis to remove anything that loads when IE starts up.
  4. Yah, having tested tons of drives with Spinrite, I can confirm that this is nothing to worry about. Some drives have 0 ecc errors but many have a lot more than you got and it is normal. If you have lots of reallocated sectors, that is something to worry about. Your Smart data looks good...
  5. sduguid

    Suggestions for large, quiet system drive?

    >Nero will create a bootable CD from a bootable floppy. Or you could download the ultimatebootcd Just look that up on google It has all the hard drive tools from major manufacturers, plus lots of other goodies, rolled into one boot cd.(downloadable iso)
  6. sduguid

    Partition Magic Sucks

    That seems a bit severe - it truly sucks that it messed up your system, but I have used it hundreds of times without problems. There have been times when it couldn't help me, but it never did any damage. However, Symantec bought Powerquest about a year ago, so it will not be a product I would use in the long term.