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  1. The problem is: laws are made by humans. And humans are neither free of error, nor free of malevolence. In history, many laws have been passed that were injust, inhumane, simply "not right". Yes, it works like that in dictatorships, "communist countries" and all other forms of government that don't regard human rights very high. It just doesn't suit a democracy. Haven't heard of Kevin Mitnick, have you? This really has turned into a interesting discussion on civil rights. Unfortunately i think most understand that if you live in the US or any one of a number of countries whom have adopted exported US DMCA/Patriot Act type legislation then you've probably lost what little shred of privacy you still had. With that being said, might we return to the original topic at hand, that being how to effectively secure the contents of a drive(s) hopefully without significantly impacting performance, reliability, or day to day operation.