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  1. raceware

    Maxtor 15K II Review ?

    So it doesn't look like I was reading too much into this deal at all... SOS, DD !
  2. raceware

    Maxtor 15K II Review ?

    Thanks for the "enlightenment" Tex... Since I've been here longer than most people I'm well aware of the fact that mfgs. or distros supply SR with test hardware. And since a Maxtor employee piped up and said they haven't bothered to supply SR with a test drive despite the fact the 15K II is readily available in the marketplace, there obviously is a reason WHY they haven't supplied SR with a test drive. It can't be a shortage of drives because anyone can buy them from any number of sources. So something IS up. I'm wondering if SR is getting an "optimized" drive from Maxtor or if there is some other reason. In the past SCSI drives have always been reviewed by SR before release and the drive mfgs. depend on these reviews to hype sales. Very uncharacteristic to not have a 15K II review when the drives are on the street... But then again Maxtor lost $58 million this quarter so maybe they can't afford the postage to send a loaner to SR??? Or maybe the problem is HyperMicro?? They often supply drives to SR for review. There is definitely something going on at HyperMicro. Not sure if they have closed their doors for good or what. Last week we placed an order and they charged our corporate credit card and never shipped the merchandise. Despite repeated e-mails and calls no one at HyperMicro has responded. I also noticed HyperMicro does not have any current Maxtor drives yet countless other e-tailers do. Maybe Maxtor cut them off??? We've bought a lot of drives from HyperMicro in the past but based on this fiasco we won't be buying from them again. Next step is to have the AG investigate where these folks went with our money. To illustrate my interest in supporting SR, I'm willing to BUY a new 15K II drive for Eugene to test. Maybe then we will know why Maxtor hasn't been able to come up with a 15K II for SR to test??? Eugene if you're interested in testing a new Maxtor 15K II and then shipping the drive to me after you complete the test, please contact me. I'm sure you still have my e-mail inquiry on this subject but if not Davin has me in the database so feel free to e-mail me and we'll get you a new 15K II to review.
  3. raceware

    Maxtor 15K II Review ?

    Strange that Maxtor 15K II drives are available in Retail but no review drive has been supplied to SR. Does SR get a different review drive than those for sale at Retail??? Somethin' don't add up ???
  4. Any reason why there is no review on the Maxtor 15K II drives that are now available in the marketplace???
  5. raceware

    Did I get screwed?

    There are two versions of the 2600+. The early non-Barton version runs at the faster clcokspeed of 2.13 Gig. The later design Barton CPU is more efficient and delivers 2600+ performance from a lower clockspeed because the Barton chip has more cache and optimized instruction set. It's a matter of understanding which 2600+ you are talking about, as both will deliver similar system performance.
  6. raceware

    Stepping out on my own

    From a marketing perspective - if you wanted somone to find you - which most businesses do - what would you name your company if you were going to be listed in the phone book ??? If you wanted to be on the top of the page in an alpha listing you might wanna be "ABC Computers" because you'd be near the top. The reason for being near the top is that most people take the easiest route to find what they want. Maybe actually doing a little exercise will make this easier for you?? Grab the phone book and look up a plumber, or computer shop, or other service/retail type store. Look at where and how they are listed in the book compared to others in the same Biz. What business names catch your eye??? Why did they catch you eye??? Was it a big yellow page ad or a white page listing, a catchy name, a unique selling proposition or what??? You can and should learn who your competition is if this is to be a real Biz where you will earn a living. If it's just some added income then you can call it whatever you want if finding new customers isn't all that difficult and you plan to keep your day job. Any small Biz website will have Tips on Biz start-ups including many government websites.
  7. Well some PC challenged industry folks at Business Week sure made fools of themselves in a story on CPU Wars, (i.e., production) and the web is chewing these folks up big time. You can find comments all over the place from The Inquirer who I believe broke the story this morning and had a concise commentary, to AnandTechs forums, AMD's forums, and probably a lot more. Someone may loose their job over this incredibly inaccurate "financial guidance". Inquirer Commentary
  8. raceware

    Motherboard Support

    ASUS has released BIOS for both the pre Rev. 2.0 and post Rev. 2.0 A7N8X series Mobos to officially run at 200 MHz FSB. This started with BIOS versions 1005. As of last week ASUS had released BIOS versions 1006/1007 for the A7N8X series. BIOS version 1005 may be of interest to folks with SATA drives as it resolved issues with large file transfers that resulted in corrupt data. 1006 supports new AMD CPUs. 1007 resolves issues with Hynix and PSC memory modules and upgrades SATA ROM 4.2.15 ASUS has different BIOS for the many versions of the A7N8X so be certain to use the correct one if you update or your Mobo may end up DEAD and require a return to ASUS. Read the BIOS warnings before upgrading as there is always a risk involved with a BIOS change. ASUS BIOS LINK
  9. raceware

    SCSI vs IDE specific example

    I'd go with a single Atlas 10K or 15K for desktop unless you have some serious need for multiple drives in RAID O as this can be a real PITA and offer little performance advantage. Many folks get caught up in transfer rates and forget that you need to have a balanced system for best results. HD transfer rate is only one aspect of system performance. The data BUS and ability to process the data is equally important. Concurrent device data processing is important and a number of other factors. It ain't all about transfer rate from the HD, though that is one important criteria for good performance.
  10. raceware

    Intel changed Prescott's thermal target

    For those who don't know, stock price has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with perception. Use Enron, Worldcom and others as living proof even if they are the extreme. Intel is a fan of Wall Street types because it's been a gravy train for them for a long time. No one wants to be the first to state the obvious as Intel has a habit like MS, of punishing those who are outspoken. AMD's quarterly results announced yesterday showed they added $300 million to their cash while reaching almost a billion in sales and almost breaking even for the quarter despite huge ramp-up costs for Opteron/A64. This was way above Wall Street expectations. Opteron/A64 have just been released so there is more cash to come as demand for A64 has already exceeded AMD's expectations and they are ramping quickly. In fact AMD's quarterly sales last quarter were so good they exceeded Wall Street's predictions for this quarter with the huge Christmas sales period. The day before Intel claimed $1.7 Billion in profits for the quarter yet their 10Q's haven't been reviewed by the IRS or SEC yet. Things have had a habit of changing on Intel financials over the years as they like to use tax credits they are not entitled to as a means to inflate profits for Wall Street types. Intel has been convicted of this in the past and has two investigations ongoing now for the same. The ruling on their '99/'00 tax filling is a $600 MILLION dollar tax and fine. Now they'll appeal and spend more money. The tax bill for '01/'02 is expected to be another $600 MILLION according to the IRS. Intel has already admitted they will need to file amended financials for these time periods. Do you see a pattern here??? Combine tax bills with, obsolete product, huge financial incentives to distributors, lowered ASPs as a result of FIRE SALE pricing in response to A64 and the picture ain't pretty for Intel. You can believe reality or bury your head in the sand but Intel has serious Biz issues to deal with while their competition in all segments continues to take market share from Intel and we're not talking just AMD here.
  11. raceware

    Intel changed Prescott's thermal target

    Intel will be around for a long, long time but they continue to loose market share to all of their competitors. In addition the billions in financial incentives along with their 600 Million IRS bill x 2, lower ASPs, obsolete product, rush to market EE, year delayed Prescott, etc. take their toll on the bottom line and industry image. AMD has signed on a lot of key PC industry players with the Opteron/A64 launch. The next two years should make those once deep pockets at Intel a whole lot lighter... but hey, that will lower Intel's tax bill.
  12. raceware

    Intel changed Prescott's thermal target

    The (SOI) silicon-on-insolator process used by IBM and AMD is far superior to the strained silicon Intel is attempting to use for their 90 nano process. The problems can be overcome with a price and time penalty. Apparently Intel is going to sell these 100W 3.4 Gig. Prescotts no matter what, if people will buy them. Considering Athlon uses 2/3rds the power of a P4 and Opteron/A64 use roughly 1/2 the power of a P4 and Prescott uses more power on 90 nano than existing P4s, things are not looking too good in the land of Intel.
  13. These *UNOFFICAL* AMD and Intel road maps look very interesting. The AMD section seems to confirm a lot of what has been rumored on various websites. If true there should be a lot of happy AMD fans come the holiday season. AMD/Intel Road Maps
  14. raceware

    Xbit Labs claims 120W Prescotts and ...

    God it's nice to see someone else who is paying attention! You have a LOT more patients than I do Sivar because all of the links and info. you posted is readily available for those with an interest in learning. Usually when people invest a little effort they gain wisdom from their efforts. You make it too easy for them...
  15. raceware

    Xbit Labs claims 120W Prescotts and ...

    89W is the MAXIMUM heat disappation for the very fastest A64/FX series chippies per AMD's white papers. 50W-60W is typical of current AMD A64/Opteron CPUs. The 89W Max figure will be for a 4000+ rating on 130 nano. Power is actually lower (on AMD chippies) built on 90 nano while clockspeeds ramp nicely. 50W is actually very low when you consider previous CPU designs and future Intel designs like Prescott which is at 102W @ 3.2 Gigs. and as Xbit Labs states 120W at higher clockspeeds.