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  1. FredF

    Strange HDD problem

    See if my logic makes sense. Since it works on another motherboard, let's assume the drive is OK. Since both the other drives work on the new system, let's assume the new system is OK. The only variable seems to be the CMOS. Did you clear it and retry, letting it redetect the hdd and other parts? That's what I would do next. Hope it works! FF
  2. If the "via" problem is truly at fault and there are an increased number of wait states, as you call them, then how are people able to hit transfer rates of over 100MB/sec with various ata 100 raid controllers and 2 ata drives. They are on the same pci bus through the same via northbridge or southbridge as your scsi controller. No, it is a software problem. Period. FF
  3. FredF

    building a SCSI to IDE raid

    Are you just trying to build something with BOTH SCSI and IDE interfaces? That way you could use both types of drives. Not something that interfaces a scsi drive to an ide controller, right? if the later is the case, you're out of luck. FredF
  4. Have you tried the latency patches available for the via boards? Or, better yet, Powerstrip to adjust the latency of your scsi card? Adjusting the latency of the card on the bus can almost equate you read/write scores, or so I've seen on my own system and a few others. You might want to give it a shot. Definately the GB latency patch. ff
  5. In all of the things that you've tried, have you tried Powerstrip to raise the latency of your PCI bus? I did that on my KT3 Ultra aru with a 19160 and 3 X15's softraided in XP Pro and got Atto's of right around 20 before Powerstrip and 75 after! Google it , download it, find the icon in the sys tray, right click the icon and choose options, adapter info. In the lower right you'll see a read only box, uncheck it and then, using the little arrows in the upper left, scroll to your 29160n card and check it's latency. Change it up to about 128 or so and then re-run the atto's. It sure helped me! Good Luck, FF 8)
  6. I built my first SCSI machine (dual PIII733) with a Symbios card and a couple of IBM ultrastars and W2K and never looked back. No BSOD's of any knid from the beginning. Now I run an XP1500+@1770Mhz with a 19160 card and 4-Cheetahs and 4-15K Ultrastars and Win XP Pro. I setup 2 soft raid arrays and have also never had a BSOD on that machine either. Quality hardware with an open mind on how to set it up will net a ruggedly fast setup that I expect to serve me well untill I screw it up! FF
  7. Hey Chew, I don't have your funding source and as such have only a single channel controller and 2 drives connected. Mines on a KT3Ultra ARU with 1gig of pc2700 with an XP1500+ running at 166mhzx10 or 1667 Mhz (XP2100+roughly). Maybe I'm being limited by the oc or something or the 4 partition raid versus the 2 partition raid I've got set up. Anyway, I haven't taken a lot of time trying to optomize it. Maybe I'll try to get up with you for some help when I have the time to screw with it. Thanks, FredF
  8. allnighte, If that's a raid board, you MUST disable the raid controller on the board for the scsi controller to work properly in my experience. Everyone slse, the variour latency patches around, Via's included, change the default settings to attempt to maximize the settings for performance, so adding Powerstrip last won't show much if any gain, at least in my experience. I haven't tryed the Via raid patch as I've got my onboard raid disabled and am using the softraid in XP Pro. Getting around 70-80 reads and writes. I think my limiting factor is the PCI Bus, no windblows problem. My 19160 is in a 33/32 Pci slot. I'm waiting to get a dual board with a 66/64 bit slot to fully crank it up. Good Luck, Flint
  9. First, right click on the icon in the task bar and select "options", Then, "Adapter information", Then, in the upper right you will see up and down arrows, scroll to your scsi adapter, Look for a check box that says read only and remove the check from that box, Now you can change the latency of anything on that page! Good Luck, Fred's Bro
  10. In device manager, under computer, what is listed? Is it an ACPI Uniprocessor PC or something to that effect? And how old is it? The newer boards have new architecture that, with the right OS, will give you as many as hundreds of IRQ's. You may need to do a bios update to your mb to handle what you've done hardware and software wise to upgrade it. Good Luck, FredF 8)
  11. I have the same 19160 card as you and when I first fired it up with 4 new Cheetahs on it, one of the Cheetahs came up async also. Turned out the drive's electronics were bad. They were bought from Hypermicro and the drive was RMA'd within 1 week with no probs at all. However, I also have pruchased numerous things from Newegg without any probs either. Also, termination should be done by the controller and the terminator at the end of the cable ONLY. Do NOT set the drives to self terminate. Also, the Adaptec manual suggests putting drive 0 at the terminator end of the cable and go up towards the controller from there. My $.02. Good Luck, FredF 8)
  12. We'd love to get that miracle when and if you should find it!! Thanks 8O