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  1. It was IDE HDD was set to 8 minutes. I changed it to disabled. I'm wondering if I should keep it at disabled or change it to the highest setting in the BIOS. Like I mentioned before the HDD is only used for storage. Any suggestions?
  2. Problem was a setting in the BIOS....
  3. I have a SCSI HDD (Seagage) and an IDE HDD in the same computer. The IDE drive basically stores MP3's and other files. Anyway, the IDE drive occasionally "spins up" and makes a high pitch sound. Sometimes when my system is idle for a period of time and I clear the items out of my Recycle Bin there is a momentary pause and then I hear the high pitched whine of the IDE drive before I can clear the contents. I'm running XP Pro. Is there a setting I can check or uncheck to fix this?