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    The Right to Life...

    I have got to say that orignal article was superb reading. On a slightly different tangent. The closest I have ever come to being religous was started when I used to play "Populous". The whole Populous idea turned into a new and even more believable idea (for conspiricy believers), what if Populous is right. My theory is very simple, the amount of power a god has is directly related to the amount of believers they have (you have already guessed the mana relationship havent you). Now, if we take a step back, it seems totally obvious that "God" has got the upper hand over the "Devil", and yet bad, nasty things happen every day around the world. If we then take another look at the theory, it becomes evident that we are being conned by "God" who is pretending to be good but infact is not, and is causing all of the problems in this world. The thory ends up that we should start believing in the "Devil" as the good entity, and hating "God". If my theory is wrong nothing bad can come of it, as the whole theory is based around being conned by the enemy into supporting their cause. If my theory is correct the world should start to become a better place as the Evil "God" starts loosing power to the Good "Devil" who has more power to stop the Evil things that "God is doing. I will also point out that I dont really belive the above, it would be nice to believe, but I still thing that all religions are dangerous for the future of humanity. Once upon a time, long long ago, someone scared the stinker out of someone else by telling them a "Ghost story", the person believed it (because they were stupid, and didnt understand anything else), but that stupid person was also BAD, they stopped being bad because they were scared of vengance, and retribution, the ball continued to roll. Education, knowlege, law, and science are the way forward, not some crap written many many moons ago, that has served its purpose and should now be buried. As a point of my argument that religion is outdated and un-neccesary, who still believes in "Father Christmas".??? Who believes in "Faries", and "Dragons" and the "Earth is Flat". These people do. There are many more people that believe the earth is round rather than flat, I imaging the case is the same for how the universe was created, the "Big Bang" has a believable degree of science behind it, rather than "Genesis", which doesnt. Therefore "Souls", "God", "Devil" "Father Christmas", "Faries" etc etc, must prove the fact they exist for me to believe in and religion. I am a man of science, knowlege, education, and reason, and not a man of "God". I rest my case. RE: The original post, most "Pro-Life" persons seem to be relying on science more than religion, which is very twisted indeed. I will believe the scientists when they say that at *** days/weeks old, that embryo is classified "Conscious" and as such we are killing a very very young human. However to put that argument into perspective, we are still talking about a non-life. That embryo, whether it's "Human" or not is totally useless except for one purpose, and thats to grow, and be born. If the parent of that embryo, cant/wont look after that child properly once its born, then surely its better not to have years of pain missery and suffering (not just for the child), and have an abortion even if it later than *** date.!?!? Food for thought (not embryo's, "Dragons", theres good eating on every one (if you can find one)). Andy
  2. andybroadbridge

    GTA 3 Hot Coffee

    Thanks to the following persons who posted to my original question. Supercaffinated, Gilbo, Veritech, Udaman. Whether I agree with your post or not, is totally irrelevant to me, the fact that you expressed your opinions is, I respect that. RE: Balding Ape's recent statements. I would like to ask you a slightly different question (to which others are more than welcome to respond to). Q: Do you think that "the representation of" violence in modern comuter games is more harmful to the persons playing the games than "the representation of" sex. Please bear in mind while answering the question the games rating (minimum age of players), and answer seperately your views on the game(s) rating itself. Please do not refer to any of my previous posts and mix the questions, or the way the questions were asked, only the question above, in the fashion the question above was asked. Kind Regards, Andy
  3. andybroadbridge

    GTA 3 Hot Coffee

    I believe it is civil for people to have a view on the subject that has been started, and NOT to only morph it into their own subect of sex. I however have got just one answer to my question of what do people believe is worse in a computer game, SEX, or Violence. It seems that it's currently 1 - 1, Balding Ape and myself being the only persons wishing to make a view public. BTW being on the other side of the pond seems to make a large difference to how we represent things, please can someone tell me how I was NOT being civil in my last post, WITHOUT being rude, aggresive or provocative. Andy
  4. andybroadbridge

    GTA 3 Hot Coffee

    Did I miss something, or did anyone actually answer anything in my original post, I read half of it, some of you lot have had me in stiches, but I did'nt see an actual answer. Ignoring the RANT, of whether or not we like/don't like, aggree/dont aggree with sex, my original post was more like, what we find more offensive in a computer game. Is gratuous violence more or less acceptable than sex.??? Personally I think that un-necessary violence is far worse than sex in a computer game, does anyone agree.??? Esspecially in a country like the USA, thats full of guns and with 5x as many people in jail per capita than the UK, I would have thought that violence was worse than sex. Andy
  5. andybroadbridge

    GTA 3 Hot Coffee

    Why on earth do Americans go mental with a litle bit of sex, when ridiculous amounts of violence gets ignored. I just dont understand that at all. The most ridicculus item, regardless or not whether the lady has lost her marbles has to be here, totally irresponsible. And here, the political heavyweight wife of a disgraced President (best one in recent years). Now I can understand that many people will find the "Hot Coffee" mod highly offensive, and I am fully aware of how many people dont like GTA because it is so needlessly violent. I am also aware that there are lots of campaigners who have been trying to get GTA banned for years, but why are so many people going totally mad because of a bit of sex. Lets face it, sex is as natural as it gets, chasing someone down the road (AKA sidewalk) with a chainsaw is not very natural.!!!!!! IS IT. BTW: I dont want anyone arguing about anything else except why people are getting so worked up about sex, but generally not caring too much about the violence. Andy
  6. andybroadbridge

    Which these 250GB hard drives to buy?

    If noise, then heat then performance if your priority then. Samsung P120 250GB is your baby, I would suggest SATA if your mobo supports it. It will make the 7200.7 seem loud, and will knock it pants off performance wise, they dont get particulary hot either. Andy
  7. andybroadbridge

    PANIC - deleted a partition!

    I use R-Studio, and have had very good results with it, even if the drive has been written to afterwards. If the partition has been deleted or formatted it usually gets 95%+. Andy
  8. andybroadbridge

    Michael Schiavo was right.

    I personally think that the whole "right-to-die" thing is a huge steaming pile of crap. Any living creature has ALWAYS have always died, thats it, your born, you live, you die. Some people seem to think that just because they can keep a person alive they should, this is a very modern scenario that has come about as a direct result of the understanding of medicine and new medical practices and techniques. I am not saying medicine and treatment is bad, far from it. The real matter is where to draw the line of when and how to keep someone alive, I beleive that if someone can be saved and can continue a decent life afterwards they should, if however someone is going to be KEPT from dying until someone pulls the plug, or runs out of money then let nature take it's course. I was totally sickened to see that poor lady dying slowly with no chance of recovery, while people talked about whether to let her die. People should have been talking aabout why they intend to keep her from dying. I totally agree with you ehurtley, and more, things should go the other way, euthanasia should be allowed IF AND ONLY IF IT'S DONE CORRECTLY, AND RARELY. Andy
  9. andybroadbridge

    Time for a new computer

    xSTLx Have you got a 6800 Ultra in your XP1800+ box, and a 6200TC in your A64 3800+ box.??? If you havent then why are your games running crap, your system must be duff, send it back, get a replacement.!!! I have 2 A64 systems, they are faster in every single "real world" test, application, game, etc I have used, than the fastest Athlon XP system available. The Athlon 64, is clock for clock faster on practically everything than the Athlon XP. As far as gaming performance is concerned, the only thing that gets close is a Pentium Mobile, but they cost a mint by comparison. Lousy LAN/Internet connection, never experienced that, the A64 is zippier in every way imaginable, did Comcrap forget to install the drivers.!!! BTW Fatal0E, back to your original post, everything listed looks good, but I would'nt speed loads on low latency RAM, think of it this way, spend extra on your RAM, or spend it on a faster CPU/GPU, whats going to get you a faster system for you ca$h. You mentioned "Quiet" earlier, just because you quieten a system down doesnt mean it has to be any slower, get yourself over to and have a look around, they also have a recommended list, and you dont have to look far to see most of the components you have listed, and poples experiences, and recommendations Andy
  10. andybroadbridge

    Pentagon: Newsweek 'Irresponsible'

    1_Smack Can I call you that or do you prefer the whole name As I mentioned earlier ................................................................... ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... oh f*ck this, it's obviously a free for all. Forget Einstien people (I know it's dificult). Let's get back to the original question, or something related at the least (my statement obviously was). Andy
  11. andybroadbridge

    Pentagon: Newsweek 'Irresponsible'

    I dont care whether the story is true or not, it really does not bother me. What does bother me though is that the the US Government has broken the geneva convention by detaining (and probably torturing people and copies of the Koran) for a long time with little or noevidence, and no convictions. Who really cares if a book gets washed down the toilet, except the books owner (books cost money). There are 2 points here. 1, The fact that their has'nt been a single conviction. 2, More torture, mental this time around. The Koran incident, true or not is there to highlight the wrongs that are going on in Guantanamo Bay. Unfortunatly this still does'nt get enough news coverage (good, bad, true, false), or is it that people really dont care. BTW, I am English and not muslim. My views are my own, and I have never read anything from the NYT. Andy
  12. andybroadbridge

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

    OK, not a 7200.8 but........... As I mentioned in an earlier post, I would get back to you RE: the 200GB SATA Samsung P120. After using it for sometime, it's seek noise, is amongst the quietsest I have ever encountered, very arguable, but having listened quite intently to various drives, it's a toss up between the P120, the Baracuda IV, and the PATA 7200.7 (not the SATA, it's just not in the same ballpark). It's vibration is very small............. as above. It's seek vibration is lower than the 7200.7, but more than the Cuda IV, mounting will make the difference. Compared to my experiences of the competition. I dont use WD due to issues.............. Maxtor DM9......................... your joking right. Maxtor DM10....................... louder seeks, more vibration, slight high pitched whine. Samsung P80 Range............. no first hand experience. Seagate 7200.7 PATA............ generally quiet, some are quiter than others. Seagate 7200.7 SATA............ quiet spin noise, DM10 like seek. Most laptop drives are quieter than the quietest desktop drives, but you loose out on performance, capacity, and price, only for the bold. It's about the same speed as my 7200.7 200GB PATA (not scientific), so about 10% off the mark, not bad for a quiet drive. I like it, a SATA drive thats quiet, really quiet. I would recommend this drive too anyone who whants a large(ish) drive thats SATA, quiet, and reasonably fast. BTW: The seek noise became quieter and quieter over the first week of usage, spindle noise did'nt change, my drive has a Nidec motor. Andy
  13. andybroadbridge

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

    Far from any SR equivelent testing, here is what I could counjure up in 10 minutes with the drive, I will give more info tomorrow once I have imaged my 80GB 7200.7 PATA to my new 200GB Samsung SP120 SATA. The early indications are NICE motor, comes with a molex to SATA power cable, and screws, not bad for an OEM drive. It's quiet, in my office (not quiet), the spindle noise just doesnt exist, when I take it home I will either confirm or deny this, it also has extremly low vibration, this is probably due to the acclaimed Nidec motor. The seek noise as I received the drive although not audiable is quiet, I checked the Acoustic Management using Hitachi's tool, it was dissabled, I then set the Acoustic Management to the quietest setting, it was even quiter. The seek noise is still audiable at about 1ft in open air with the ear pointing toward the drive. The seek noise of the Samsung drive (my first Samsung) is quite "chirpy", i.e. highish pitched without squeeling, or soundng mechanical. Compared to a quiet Seagate, its high pitched, however the seagate sounds more internally resonant, deeper, throatier, and more..... just rougher, more vibrational. The samsung seems to be a more distinct seek, but it's the only noise coming out of the drive, (barely any coresponding vibration) and thats not a lot. Andy More to follow.
  14. andybroadbridge

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

    I have sold 25+ 80GB PATA 7200.7 Seagate HDD's, make in different countries, and they have all been set to the slow - quiet seeking. I have bought and supplied 3 PATA 7200.7 200GB drives and they have all been quiet, I have supplied 2 (one for me) 7200.7 SATA drives, they are both loud. Most people have found the same thing as above, and I suspect (but don't know) that Seagate will continue the same trend with the 7200.8. Regardless of an SP review of the Samsung 200GB P120 SATA drive, I have ordered 1 and I hope to get it tomorrow to replace my stand in 80GB 7200.7, if the AAM is set to fast - loud, I will change it to slow - quiet seek, as I am in the process of making my PC as quiet as posible without impacting performance. I will give you my impressions compared to the above mentioned drives, and just for a laugh, the loudest drive I have EVER used (a 120GB PATA DM9, louder than most DM9's by a fair margin). Andy
  15. andybroadbridge

    Upgrade time again

    Well as you mention that you ave had bad experiences with ASUS. I have had bad experiences with: Abit, ASUS, ECS, PC Chips, Matsonic, Gigabyte, and probably some others. MSI is the only way to go for me. You will be wanting to get an nForce 4 chipset board, MSI make a few, some are quite similar, but they all have some standard features. PCI-E 16x (and possibly other PCI-E slots, depending on the board). GB Ethernet, that is NOT attached to the slow PCI 33MHz BUS, and supports jumbo frames. The memory controller is built into the CPU, and does NOT support DDR-2, good cheap DDR-1, look on MSI's website, they will state, tested RAM (most of it is readily available off the shelf). Graphics cards: If you dont need anything speedy, you can get an nVidia "6200 TC" card, they are the new GeForce MX, if you need a bit more power, the mid range 6600 or 6600GT's are good value for money, (the 6600GT is a bit faster than a Radeon 9800PRO). As far as the ATI cards are concerned, I havent been keeping track, but as always they have cards at a similar price point for similar performance. You may need a new PSU, most (not all), of the MSI nForce 4 chipset boards will work fine with a 20PIN power connector (24 pin is not necessary), a 300W is borderline with a mid range graphics card, a 350W will be fine, if you need or want a really powerful graphics card come back for suggestions. I would recommend an Antec or equivilent PSU, as many Cheap PSU's claim 500+ Watts, but deliver 300W badly. Remember the most important things in your PC is the PSU, the Mobo and HDD's. Andy