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  1. Sen

    Samsung F2

    Isit on sale already?
  2. seem like the review is taken down... hmmmm...
  3. quoted by DivXPPC in VR forum ***************************************************************************************** yes, it is said in the review: it's not the final drive that will be available in shops, the two drives we received are pre production models, with the same layout than de 7200.11 and the same sticker. the 7200.11 in the upper right corner was just transformed into a ".12" with a pen and we were very astonished, but seagate confirmed us that it really was two 7200.12 drives, and performances are a good step forward those of our 7200.11 500GB so... Are they sure they have a 7200.12 drive? The numbers of the drives are those of the 7200.11 and Seagate did not annaounce a 7200.12 with 1,5TB. Or did i missunderstood something? My French is even worser than my English.
  4. more 7200.12 lovin' (in French)
  5. It's time to grab the 7200.12 instead source
  6. Here is a hd tune result on the single platter Samsung 5400rpm 500GB This new Samsung drive does indeed have a 500 GB-platter architecture, BUT only 5400 rpm. The drives specs say internal transfer rates read 102 MB/sec write 101 MB/sec. And the price: just about 50 EUROs - the Samsung 640 GB ist considerably faster (7200 rpm), bigger (+140 MB) and above all a bit cheaper. It might be a choice for a supersilent pc, but otherwise completely uninteresting. Specs (Toms Hardware France)
  7. Sen

    Samsung F series?!

    Samsung HD642JJ in Japan already.
  8. Sen

    7200.10 upgrade to 250G/plane

    minimum material used. The average STR is really off the chart. Very fast. Same thing
  9. Found a 21th Nov batch WD1600AAJS selling at a local IT fair, made in Malaysia.
  10. Some benchies
  11. You can d/l HD Tune or Hitachi Feature Tool. It believe it's only 8MB buffer according to the model number you given.
  12. It's default off for my WD3200KS. You can d/l Hitachi Feature Tool to double confirm if you want. (Works with WD)
  13. The Hitachi is sandwiched between a DM 17 & a Raptor ADFD, cooled by a 80mm fan in front (hidden from the picture) max 43 deg this time around doing some scanning on a warm tropical night.
  14. Another T7K500 320GB SATA2 with 16MB buffer @ Hardwarezone forum
  15. New data for WD1600AAJS source Another more recent press release with WD1600AAJS inside