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  1. P.S. Check my old web site on http://pcjs.chat.ru and look for IBM specific "feature" - crazy defects count in Primary Defect List. The second IBM`s "feature" - very many reassigned defects. Ever looked into the 120g ibm 120gxp? I have one, which occasionally makes strange noises like it's powered down and back up for a second. DFT says it's ok, the SMART monitoring tool from IBM says it's healthy, but my ears don't! What is the application you used to get those disk surface images? Is it available for download anywhere?
  2. We bought 2 Compaq pc's at the end of 2000 I think. One of them had the fujitsu hdd in it pack up with these symptons about 6 months ago, the other has just started to fail (clicks, freezes, NT atapi errors logged etc) The model number is MPG3102AH - I think it's a 10 gig drive.