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  1. www.josh.org.uk

    WD400BB versions

    it will say on www.wdc.com the wd400jb is 1 platter (40gb) according to their website.
  2. I recently downloaded DTemp for my WD800AB, and although it doesn't tell me the temp (must be a missing feature from the WD800AB), it does tell me that Automatic Acoustic Management is supported, but disabled, and that my current setting is performance, and it recommends the quiet setting... anyone know of some software that could let me change these settings, and also whether the HD supports temp readings? Also, would putting some rubber washers in between the screws and the hard drive make it quieter? (without it making it too hot?)
  3. www.josh.org.uk

    Reliability Survey: Missing drives (current ones!)

    I have ordered one and will be getting it tomorrow... so I could be the first to fill in details about it which do you think will be quicker : WD400JB or WD800AB ? Josh
  4. www.josh.org.uk

    Has anyone had any problems with WD800ABs or others?

    shall i back up and try the WD diag thing on it? and if it dies who should be replacing it WD or the seller?
  5. www.josh.org.uk

    Has anyone had any problems with WD800ABs or others?

    doh! can i just RMA it because it's clunking? as it's working fine otherwise
  6. Hi, My new (2 weeks old) WD 800AB has started going "clunk" when i switch the PC on, and "clunk" when I switch the PC off... it started the other morning, when it clunked 3 times... then I switched the PC off, booted up, ran SiSoft, it scored it 14000 so I rebooted and then it scored it 27000 like it did when it was new... And ever since the 3 clunks, it clunks once when I switch it on, and once when I switch it off... Is anybody else having this problem? And as it's 2 weeks old should I contact WD or the supplier with questions? Thanks Josh
  7. www.josh.org.uk

    Which is better - Larger or Smaller Boot Partition??

    mine's 4gb on a 20gb hard drive. never had any problems with win98 / win2000 . getting an 80gb soon, and was thinking 10/20/50 as partitions... Josh
  8. www.josh.org.uk

    Western Digital Caviar WD800AB

    In your article on this drive, you say it's got 2 x 40gb platters, yet on this page by western digital, is says it's got 3 platters, and 6 heads... so which is true? http://www.wdc.com/products/Products.asp?DriveID=5 i've ordered the hard drive from ebuyer.com in the UK, and it was the cheapest 80gb hard drive Josh