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    Mixed Drive - Performance Degradation

    As in degradation of speed or IOPS due to drive use. In R10, won't it see the full drive capacity ? Ultimately, the data will be sitting on our Xiotech array. Just wanted to put in in dev but need decent IOPS....
  2. 6 Bay Dell 2950 Box is for dev purposes If I put the following drives in the following config, Raid 10 - All 15K drives, will there be performance issues Slot 0 - Seagate Cheetah 450GB SAS Slot 1 - Seagate Cheetah 450GB SAS Slot 2 - Seagate Cheetah 300GB SAS Slot 3 - Seagate Cheetah 450GB SAS Slot 4 - Seagate Cheetah 450GB SAS Slot 5 - Seagate Cheetah 300GB SAS
  3. I have a PE 2950. Plan to run VMWare as a dev box. It has 2 500gb 15.5 drives and 4 7200 1tb drives. All SAS. Intially I was planning to run it as R1, 500GB and R5 (tb drives). I am debating running this as a R10 configuration. What performance effects-detriments will I have if I do all 6 drives as a Raid 10. Two 15.5K drives and Four 7.2K drives.
  4. Can't seem to find any benchmarks on the new Hitach 320gb 7200rpm drive to compare to the new Scorpio 320gb 7k rpm equivalent. I've been using Hitachi drives primarily for the notebooks and portable external drives for the last couple of years with great sucess. I do like the extra 2 year warranty on the WD..... but I have NOT needed to use any HD warranty in a very long time.
  5. chefwong

    Raid 10 - 150gb VB verus ....10K Hitachi

    no...meaning raid 4 with 4 drives 4 WD VR or 4 Hitachi's Raptor 150GB is 10krpm vs Hitachi 1TB 7,2krpm I won't create a single array with so different disks... ==> I will: -create a raid 1/0+1 boot/app/temp/swap array with all Raptors -create another raid 1/0+1 data array with all Hitachi
  6. Rebuilding workstation. Have plenty of WD VR 150 gb on the shelf. Have 2 Hitachi 1TB drives as well...and don't mind buying another 2..... How much of less of a performance in Raid 10 am I going to see with these 2 different drives...
  7. I've got a new Thinkpad on it's way. If I put the new 300gb Velociraptors in it......just short of the increased RPM, - is there a considerable power draw on it compared to a typical Hitachi 7200 RPM drive ??
  8. I tend to run WD on my worstations, however....the Hitachi 1TB drive I just popped in as a scratch drive has been pretty nice ;-) On my Thinkpads and such, I've had great sucess with the Travelstar Series. My only wish is that more PC's (notebook and desktops) had firewire.....for dumping images via Acronis onto a external. What 2.5" 7200 RPM monster do you guys like ? I'll be upgrading the drives in some of our Lacie Rugged Portables. Leaning on a WD Scorpio. Hitachi recently just released the 320gb 7200RPM variant as well.
  9. chefwong

    Raid 6 - 4 Drive - Recommend me a combo

    Actually that was what I was leaning on since deciding on TB drives
  10. chefwong

    DVR Rated Drives

    I'm still debating whether to put my added capacity drive by replacing it in my DTV receiver & or just hooking it up via Esata port. Was leaning on a tb ES series but anyhow ......anything special about these series of Seagate *DVR application* drives
  11. Long story current setup is a Adaptec 3085 connected to a Raid 5 set via Esata.... Esata on one end (external enclosure is a Minig with 4 seperate Sata ports). I'm using a Esata to 4 sata breakout cable. For a minute, I was thinking I was SOL as the unit had lost it's raid set, etc but a little tinkering (moreso alot more tinkering ;-)), and I was all good. Part of the problem was 2 cables got disconnected. The Raid 5 held both my OS and data... SOOOOO, it's time to rebuild my workstation setup. Leaning on a Adaptec 5445. My precision workstation can hold 3 HD internally. I'm leaning on using 2 drives for the OS via Raid 1. Could use eithr the 5445 Raid 1 OR the built in Intel Raid. Have never used the onboard raid so I'm not sure about performance. On the same enclosure *max 4 drives*, I'm just going to redo it to Raid 6. WD Raptor 150 OR 74GB for the OS set. I have plenty of these drives lying around. On the Raid 6, which is mainly used for block files --- office/graphic files/documents - I'm leaning on 4 of the Seagates ES2. 4TB after R6 would be 2 usuable terabytes. 1tb lost compared to R5....but it's the nature of the chassis and the loss factor of 2 drives for me at this point. Any thoughts or suggestions on how you would switch things up ?
  12. R1 will be OS and Program Files R5 will be 4 drives data and 1 hot spare. Looking the the Adaptec 51245. Any other brands I should be looking at.
  13. Any advice guys. I've scanned and scanned and the drives and it it sees the drives, it does NOT see the damm array. Leaning on sending this out to data recovery - ontrack for them to look at. However, I've never done sent out a R5 array for data recovery. Ideas or suggestions guys. thx
  14. chefwong

    IO / Hard Drive Bottle Neck ?

    Things are bring mixed up. It would probably be gige port via wan optimizer, found a 1 U model that houses SIX 2.5" bays so I'm leaning on R1 for OS and then R10 for the data. Another question....and I'm not sure what would be the crux. The data will be uploaded from site a via ethernet to site b. Site b will house the *storage server* The data on Site A being uploaded.... firewire drive connected to notebook connected via gige VS notebook with *larger hard drive* connected via gige Just to agree with the other person, on 100mbit your harddrives will keep up. No need to spend money on 15K drives. And you may as well do RAID1 for data safety. Look into TCP/IP tuning to get the most out of the 100mbit. RAID0 or RAID1? With RAID1 you'll have the write speed of one drive, so chances are not even a pair of 15K drives would be able to keep up (maybe a pair of Seagate 15K.6s would, and that would still require a very sequential workload). With RAID0, two current generation 10K drives would stand a decent chance, obviously varies on the model and the workload. Although having said that, if going with RAID0, a pair of current generation 334GB per platter drives (WD 640GB, Samsung 640GB, etc etc) would also be able to keep up fairly decent *assuming* a fairly sequential workload.
  15. chefwong

    IO / Hard Drive Bottle Neck ?

    Looks like we'll be moving to gige port . Turns out datawise, we're closer to 500 gigs nightly. On a gige port, will the 10K drives suffice. Just to agree with the other person, on 100mbit your harddrives will keep up. No need to spend money on 15K drives. And you may as well do RAID1 for data safety. Look into TCP/IP tuning to get the most out of the 100mbit.