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  1. both small writes and large writes more so with small writes (i have the cida same problem with me IDE RAID 2x40gb 7200rpms no benifit from using the raid aray kt7a-raid writes was bad read was ok win2k)
  2. "Attention your ip address has been blocked from seachport servers Policy: Automated Retrieval Program (Robot) Activity on the Searchport(s) site(s) The searchport.com web site serves the needs of a wide and varied customer base. In order to serve those needs most efficiently, we strongly urge that individuals and organizations refrain from using automated retrieval programs (or robots) against the searchport(s) site. you have sead yes to somthing when a pop up boxs has come up format and reinstall, install a ad killer and install xp SP1
  3. :idea: your iexplore is messed up format and reinstall
  4. my 60gx has a intermitent problem if you mess inside the case it will scram on start up takes a bout 3 messing with the ide cale to get it to start up (so i got a 120GB WD 8mb Hdd insted F quiter i dount like the start up on the ibm hdd it sounds like a 512 mb hdd starting up and when it is accesing files)
  5. :twisted: I work in a computer shop and we all know about Fujitsu HDD you know the TINY or TIME company thay use Fujitsu HD and the most thing we are replacing is Fujitsu Hdd AFTER 12 to 14 of having the computer its like thay are timed to F up after that time it gets us and we fix err Replace it we know that it is a Fujitsu before we open the case up (we did try Fujitsu becoes thay was cheap and that = crap) any way :twisted: for good tip dont buy Fujitsu ever dont buy and IBM (the GX serise are stinker my 60gb IBM has a fulty ide connetor 50:50 chance) and dont get MAXTOR (some work some dont 50:50 chance as well after 4 months) But with the other hdd apart from fujitsu you get a 3 year G :twisted: