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  1. If you buy a retail packaged WD drive from newegg, it may wind up shipping directly from WD anyway. A retail wd raptor i bought from newegg was dropped shipped from somebody else, i think it was WD.
  2. Running SATA as PATA

    Are you sure about that? My understanding is a driver has to be installed during the loading of OS for AHCI, and not heard/read it's different for Vista. Your understanding is wrong. Vista has it built in.
  3. Running SATA as PATA

    Since it sounds like you are installing vista, just use AHCI. Vista has built in support for AHCI, even in the installer. It will work fine without any intervention on your part. The only reason to use the IDE mode is if you are using an older OS without support for AHCI.
  4. Running SATA as PATA

    Use AHCI if you are going to put vista on the machine. Thats "sata" mode. XP doesn't have the drivers for it built in though, so you may have trouble installing it. Vista works fine with AHCI.
  5. E8400 runs 1.9 GHz at idle?

    Just install vista, it ought to work by default. You can verify this with cpu-z - if you aren't doing anything it ought to read below the rated speed. I know i certainly didn't have to do anything to enable it, and judging by the # of forum posts by people complaining about their cpu's running 'slow' online, most people don't have to do anything for it to work either
  6. E8400 runs 1.9 GHz at idle?

    You want it to drop down the speed when its not needed, this reduces the power consumption & heat that it outputs. When a load is put on it, the speed ramps back up - it ramps up so quickly you will never notice outside of running cpu-z or something and seeing that its running below the rated speed. Fire up super pi or something and you will see it runs at the rated speed.
  7. do you have vista sp1 installed? It was supposed to fix the inaccuracy of the time estimate on the copy dialog.
  8. Vista works fine with usb2, you may need to track down drivers from the manufacturer / chipset manufacturer to enable full usb2 support however.
  9. sounds like its running much closer to USB 1.1 speeds, instead of USB2. (500,000,000,000 * 0.15) / 12 / 60 / 60 = ~1.7MB/sec. USB1.1 is about 1.5MB/sec. should be getting 20-40MB/sec instead.
  10. WD10EACS

    FYI, its a 5400 RPM drive, despite their marketing claiming 5400-7200. Their marketing implies that they use variable rpm drives, but the models only use a static RPM. Some of the GP drives could be 7200, but from what i've read - none are yet. This makes it somewhat slower than the hitachi or other 1tb drives. I still bought one, it should run cooler since its slower and i only use it for recording hdtv which is a paltry 20mbit.
  11. DV should give you better quality low light than a regular webcam since the sensor is most likely larger than in a webcam. A larger sensor gathers more light and gives you less video noise. You will however want to check reviews on the cameras themselves to see how well they operate in low light.
  12. Should I upgrade to Vista?

    I like vista home premium on my new machine. Other than just after install windows update trashing a driver, its been completely stable. I bought all new parts to build a new vista machine. I really like media center(included in home premium), hadn't gotten to play with that before since i only had XP Pro, and not XP MCE. I don't have anything bad to say about vista, i've had it installed since ~august last year. The hauppauge vista driver support for a HD tuner i have from them is craptastic. Every other game or app i've tried to install works perfectly though. Vista home premium 32bit, Intel dp35dp, E6850, 4gb ram, 8800GTS640, WD Raptor + WD 1TB, DVICO Fusion5 Gold ATSC Tuner.
  13. Should I upgrade to Vista?

    I use firefox at home fine on 32bit vista home premium. Do you have a reason to upgrade to vista? I got it because i built a new pc and decided to get the latest. I don't know how it works on 64bit. If you dont have a direct need for directx10, MCE, 64bit, or some other vista feature its not really worth upgrading to on its own, especially since you'd have to reinstall all your software.
  14. Should I upgrade to Vista?

    Despite what the advisor says, if you decide to get vista, i would at least get home premium. Basic seems to be missing a lot of things like the Aero interface & media center. I don't know anything about the vista upgrade, but I always prefer to do a clean install when going to a new MS OS, you can get the OEM (system builder?) full copies at newegg 140ish. You are supposed to buy hardware with this, and a new HD would go nicely, so you could easily go back to XP if you dont like vista by swapping your old drive in.
  15. Most consumer webcams i've seen only do video @ 640x480 (or lower) anyway. which is only .3MP. My home one is "1.3MP" but thats only for still shots, and probably partially interpolated pixels. The viewing angle of the camera is unrelated to the megapixel rating. Theres no way to tell unless they specify the angle the lens on it covers. You will need a lot of light to get acceptable video quality. Low light makes every webcam look terrible. Also, I'm not sure how the built in webcams compare to add-on ones. The add-on ones are generally bigger which allows for(but doesn't necessarily mean) better optics and a larger imaging sensor.