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  1. sharkeeper

    BIG tower vs MIDI tower

    Damn, even THG is calling them midi towers! THG case review Yes MIDI has NOTHING to do with size of a damn computer case. I have a MIDI keyboard and it still has 88 damn keys. Cheers!
  2. sharkeeper

    Samsung 243t

    This is a good idea however the only card that's reasonably priced (GF 6800U DDL-DVI) is MAC ONLY! Quadro 2000FX and higher will drive it natively, but they are too expensive. The 23" model is a good option, however and cheaper than the 243T. Cheers!
  3. sharkeeper

    Samsung 243t

    I would avoid the (243T) if you plan to use DVI. This display has serious video dynamic range issues that are not present when using analogue input. Like anyone is going to spend $2k to use analogue input! When an image dims down (fade to black) serious artifacts occur. This does not show up on my 213T nor my Sharp WUXGA display on my notebook. I've tried several different cables, display adapters, etc. with the same result. I've also tried several samples of 243T product and they exhibit this same behaviour. The easiest way to see this is run the 3DMark03 program and watch the beginning of the Troll Slayer section that starts dark and fades up. You will see this horrible artifcating. It's not video card related or software related whatsoever. This is also present in movies as well as images when edited in PS. This is totally unacceptable for a display of this calibre and I am sending all of mine back for a refund. Cheers!
  4. sharkeeper

    6 X 15.3k In Raid 5

    128KB works best with SRCU42X. Also, those reads should be in the 450 range. Is the HBA running at 133MHz PCI-X? Cheers!
  5. sharkeeper

    Lsi Logic Megaraid 320-2x Pci-x Scsi Raid

    Crucial works fine with no problems. Module is single sided too! This was installed on the Intel SRCU42X which is identical to the 320-2x. (LSi makes the part for them) Cheers!
  6. sharkeeper

    Lsi Logic Megaraid 320-2x Pci-x Scsi Raid

    Very good choice in configuration. I see no problems at all with this setup. Purchase the battery backup module for your 320-2X and run all logical drives with write back cache. You will also achieve great gains by upgrading the standard 128MB DDR DIMM to 512MB in this card as well. Crucial Part number CT6472Z335 Details Cheers!
  7. sharkeeper

    Pci-x Cards...

    Edirol FA-101 Cheers!
  8. sharkeeper

    Pci-x Cards...

    This will fill the bill nicely. Just add a PCI firewire card and you're all set. Cheers!
  9. sharkeeper

    Raptors 74gb In Raid 0

    STR isn't everything! (Eugene needs a beating a dead horse icon!) I've benched and used the Raptors and they are quick. Still, high end SCSI is even faster. If you look at the bench below you would think otherwise. I'm using the machine that produced those results and can say going from two raptors in RAID0 to that system (the benchmark is actually 4 MAS 15K drives in RAID10 on LSi Logic U320-2X w/256MB) is like going from a 400BB to a pair of Raptors in RAID0. The HD Tach results are laughable as the true burst is over 800 MB/S and STR on the RAID10 logical disk starts at 170MB/S and ends at 145. Cheers!
  10. sharkeeper

    Raid 1 Or 10 ? Much Improvement?

    What OS is the server running? If Win2k or 2k03 is it an Active Directory Controller? Cheers!
  11. sharkeeper

    For All The Abit Haters

    Oops, no edit... Anyways, that would be FOUR years ago... I bought those boards in January of 2000. Time flies when you're busy. I remember installing Windows 2000 final on those systems. Cheers!
  12. sharkeeper

    For All The Abit Haters

    Hell yes! It was the P3C2000 using the i820 MTH (SDRAM). Such a silly arrangement that was. Never got compensated either. If that wasn't enough, I got burned yet again with a P4S8X. Asus has been crossed off the list. SuperMicro makes a great workstation board. Cheers!
  13. sharkeeper

    Hdd Speed Comparison Stuff

    The most important thing has not been addressed yet! The HBA itself. Those DPT HBA's were very slow in RAID0. Like the Adaptec 2100, RAID0 should be called JBOD with stripes. Those old SCSI disks will be hot, noisy, and slow on a desktop. That HBA is ultra2 not ultra 160. Either way the peak STR will not come close to approaching 80MB/S let alone 160 if that were possible. A fast HBA makes all the difference in the world but you (generally) do get what you pay for... Cheers!
  14. sharkeeper

    Server Setup On A Raptor

    If you MUST use the config mentioned above, add as much RAM as possible and make sure it is ECC memory. A good UPS is also a MUST as well. For Exchange (especially with 50+ users!) we like to use mirrored SCSI OS and separate (mirrored or even RAID 10) disks for log and database files. A hot spare for EACH member is also a requirement for best availability. Yes it can get expensive but do you really want angry users breathing down your neck while you try to get an Exchange box back up? Never mind when you have to run eseutil and isinteg to repair your database after it gets corrupted from doggy (non server) hardware. (cough}highpoint controllers(cough). What version Exchange? That 16GB limit will come fast with 50 users with the non enterprise version so you better have a strict archive policy in affect. I'm sure the real Exchange Admins (Honold?) can discuss this in more detail... Cheers!
  15. While there are no empirical statistics showing the correlation between drive handling characteristics between the supplier and the end user, I believe a relationship does exist. Thus if your drives are mishandled, the chances of an anomaly surfacing that threatens the integrity of stored data and/or physical reliability is much greater than if the drive is properly handled. I've dealt with HyperMicro and Googlegear and they (both) use good drive packing/handling practice. Computer Giants used to pack well, now it appears that they just throw the drives in a box of foam shavings! Cheers!