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  1. Jstic

    SATA southbridges

    Also, you are implying that all add on IDE controller cards are PCI devices, buy onboard controllers are not? Come on, get real. You are confusing interfaces and buses, big difference.
  2. Jstic

    SATA southbridges

    http://lost.cs.uidaho.edu/cs341/cs341chpt13.pdf Check out the diagram at the link above. I am in the process of finding others, including Microsoft and Intel papers. Quick question for all of you who state the IDE controllers does not utilize the PCI bus. If it doesn't use the IDE bus, how does it transfer data to memory, CPU, etc. ? And please don't tell me about Vlink or hypertransport, because they are not used for that purpose, at least not yet.[/url]
  3. Jstic

    SATA southbridges

    "No chipset IDE channels have used PCI for a long time. The early chipsets did but no longer." Is that why every IDE controller in existence has a PCI interrupt assigned to it? Is that why the majority of generic IDE controllers are listed in Windows as "Standard PCI IDE dual controller"? Is that why all add in controller cards connect to PCI slots? The IDE controller is and always has been directly connected to the PCI bus and there is a ton of information to document this. For those of you talking about Hypertransport, that is a completely different bus system and is used very little, if at all in today's systems. And Vlink from VIA is a method of widening the path from NB to SB, as hypertransport is.
  4. Jstic

    Ravage of the Titans (sort of)

    Tomshardware is a joke.
  5. Jstic

    SATA southbridges

    Why would anyone assume that an integrated SATA controller would not utilize the PCI bus for transfers? All IDE controllers that are integrated into SB chips use the PCI bus. Aside from RAID 0 configurations, even the fastest SATA drives will not even come close to saturating the PCI bus.
  6. Western Digital, 1800BB, 2 mb buffer, 7200 RPM, 1 year warranty(extendable to 3). Brand new in retail box with Ultra ATA100 controller card from Promise. Email me at j.sticca@snet.net if interested.
  7. Don't use the latest NVIDIA SW IDE drivers, they are nothing but problems for burning CDs and DVDs. Stick with the original drivers from Epox.
  8. ReMPEG2 is the easiest way to transcode movies that are larger than 4.37 gigs so that you can fit them on one disk. I've used it for many titles and have had good success. Far less of a learning curve than CCE or TMPG.
  9. Newegg's is USB and Firewire, Mwave's is USB only. Big difference.
  10. All Sony monitors are set to automatically "degauss" at startup. This demagnetizes the monitor. I found it is really not necessary and disabled this feature when I had mine. It eliminates the shaking at least on bootup. You may be able to disable it using your monitor controls. Just disable the auto degauss at startup.
  11. purple, unfortunately I think the deal ended on 2/22. Keep you eyes on the Staples and Office Max weekly flyers, these drives usually go back on sale with rebates every couple weeks.
  12. You can get a Pioneer A05 or Cendyne 4x(rebadged Pioneer A05) right now for $150 with a coupon and rebate at Staples. I own this drive and it is excellent. Have burned well over 100 backup DVD movies and data disks and have not had a coaster yet that was not my fault. You do need to buy good medial with this drive though. I use the Ritek 4x DVD-R disks and they work great. Have heard good things about the Sony drive too, but it is just too expensive IMHO.
  13. Bummer, found one dead pixel on far right of screen. One thing I notice though, on these 16x12 LCDs, the pixels are so tiny that the dead one is almost unnoticeable. You really have to look hard to see it. It took me a week to find it. Man, I love this screen.
  14. Jstic

    Best SATA adapter?

    I have the Asus A7N8X Deluxe with the same SilImage 3112 chip on board. Using RAID 0 and two SATA adapters with 2 WD1000JBs, it is very quick and I am very satisfied. Benchmarks are higher than I thought, but more improtantly, real world performance is better than I expected. I do a lot of DVD authoring with large files, RAID 0 really gives me a boost. I would compare the cost of the Promise controller to two of the SATA adapters and go with whichever is less expensive.