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  1. I'm not a smoker, but that's crap.
  2. radarbuddy

    Stupid Question How do you Pronounce SATA

    Where I work we all pronounce it "say ta". Never heard of anyone call it sah ta.
  3. radarbuddy

    Strange seagate noise

    Correct, it is hardware level. I read somewhere on the Seagate website that this is built in diagnostics being performed by the drive, for reliability purposes. It also stated that it would stop after a certain amount of time. I've now had my 400g 7200.8 PATA for about two months, but it still does it. It's not loud by any means, in my opinion. I have a very quiet computer, and I doubt I'd even hear it if I had more fans in my system. Anyway, I guess time will tell if it ever stops. rb --- No this is a hardware level thing, because one of the drives is my PS2 hard disk _and_ on USB2 interface, I had clicked "safely remove this device" about 30 seconds earlier too. 196322[/snapback]
  4. radarbuddy

    Is Ghost ver 9 bootable ?

    Norton Ghost 2003 will do just that. I tried Ghost v9, and it would not. I use Ghost 2003 every two weeks to make a bootable DVD-R backup. When you boot off of the DVD-R, Norton Ghost 2003 starts up and you're ready to restore an image from any partition, or the DVD-R itself. There is no mouse control when you do this, so you have to use the Tab and Enter keys, but no big deal. Hope this info helps.
  5. radarbuddy

    The 7200.8 thread

    I purchased a PATA 400g Seagate 7200.8 last week from CompUSA for $229 with a $30 mail in rebate. I originally wanted the SATA version, but couldn't bring myself to pay almost twice as much. Anyway, I installed it as the boot drive just after I bought it, replacing a Seagate 7200.7 120g model. At first, the 7200.8 was a little bit louder at idle than the 7200.8, making a slight whining sound. (BTW, my 7200.7 was absolutely the quietest drive I'd ever owned, which converted me to a Seagate man.) The seek noise of the 7200.8 seemed about the same as my 7200.7, which is to say it was minimal. Now, a week later, the 7200.8 has lost it's whining sound altogether, and the seek noise remains the same, which is audible, but very minimal. I'm very happy with the quiet operation of the 7200.8. I have a Shuttle system with only one fan, which is set to "Ultra low" in the BIOS. No other fans in my system, as I have a fanless video card, and no chipset fan. My system is extremely quiet with the Seagate 7200.8, and I love it. Hope this helps some folks.
  6. radarbuddy

    Partition Magic Sucks

    I'm sorry for your loss, I can't imagine. I gave up on Partition magic long ago. Seems like it would never recognize my larger HDs that I've usually had. On other times when it would, it would give me errors. I switched to Acronis, seems like a much better program.
  7. radarbuddy

    Seagate 7200.8 When?

    Anyone speculate why there's a $210.00 difference just for another 100g, between the 300g and 400g drives at Newegg? With this price differential I think I'd settle for the 300g drive.
  8. radarbuddy

    television "burn in"

    Thanks for the info, honold. It concerns me that a plasma will lose it's brightness. I don't want to spend a lot of money to find in several years (I don't upgrade televisions very often), that it lost it's brightness. I'll check out best buy and also ultimate electronics this week and have a closer look at lcd. any other opinions? thanks again now, rb
  9. radarbuddy

    television "burn in"

    Well I'm thinking about buying one of those new Pioneer plasma televisions. This has probably been discussed before, but I just wanted to know for sure. I've read that plasma displays are the very worst when it comes to screen "burn in". So much so, that anyone had better not play computer games, unless they turn the brightness and contrast of their set way down. Rear-projection was second worse, followed by CRT. Is this all true? And if so, is it really something for me to worry about? Also, I've read that plasma displays will lose their brightness after a few years. Is this true? I figured I'd ask the experts here before I went out and spent the big bucks on a plasma. Thanks, rb
  10. radarbuddy

    7200.8 on Seagate's website

    More news of Seagate's 400g drive shipping. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor..._pcworld/118618