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  1. For what its worth - I use Daemon tools on my laptop running win7 x64. Never had any issues with it. Try a few and see which one you like.
  2. kittle

    Games of 2012

    Still hoping for HL ep3 - but im getting tired of waiting.
  3. Well the first thing id look at - what interface is the drive? "old, slow" seems to suggest IDE or older. First, find another system with the same interface. Then take the drive out of the existing system, put it in the newer one, boot from CD and clone. If its older than IDE, then your going to have a really hard time finding something to replace it with. As to software - ive heard good things about clonezilla. But in my own experience, it falls over when trying to clone to drives that are not the same size.
  4. ok... so based on what I see, your looking to run 4-6 VMs in parallel. This gives rise to a few more questions: How big are the files for each VM? How much ram does each VM need? How many VMs do you want to actually store on your system at the same time? Look into what bricktop said about getting a Thinkpad T520 or W520. Very solid laptop for what it does. But order it with minimal ram and HDD, and plan to replace what they have with your own.
  5. Im not sure I understand what your trying to do here. Demonstrations run from your laptop using virtual machines? Where does the rack come into play? Ive done a little work with VMs on my own PCs and found disk caching provide by vmware was plenty adequate to overcome disk latency, and the real bottleneck was running out of physical ram. Assuming you can fit 12-16GB of ram on your laptop, you should be ok with just using a large SSD on your laptop.
  6. kittle

    Looking for kickass gaming Hdd

    I use the WD Caviar black 2TB drive on my system. Its a couple years old, but it still performs very nicely. Setup 2 of them in RAID0. Add a 80gb SSD as a boot drive, and you have some screaming storage.
  7. Well the display is the only thing that caught my eye. But with the (continued) lack of connectivity im going to stick with my Android tablet, full-sized USB port & 320GB drive Brian was nice enough to send me. As for storage on the iPads, I wonder if its a classic "nobody will ever use more than 640k" oops or if apple expects people to put everything in the cloud, or if they have something else in the works.
  8. kittle

    RamDisk test

    the performance numbers are impressive looking it would be neat to see how they stack up to the current set of SSD drives (be sure to include price per GB)
  9. What continuum said.. Also as an FYI, ive had a mix of 7200rpm and 10krpm drives running for over 5 years in my server with zero problems. Server is on almost 24x7, but theres only 5 drives total.
  10. With one of these you could run your whole data center off a single card. buy 2 and backups are a breeze
  11. Better late than never I guess -- Sign me up!
  12. kittle

    New Build & SSD

    The build looks pretty good so far. For something that is supposed to last 5+ year you WANT things to be overkill. Suggestions: - go with an asus board (ive never had any issues with the ones I have used) - keep the integrated graphics card for now, but make sure there is room to upgrade to a dedicated one in a few years. - Unless your friend is fairly tech-savvy, chances are they will be confused when it comes to installing stuff on multiple drives, so I recommend a single 2TB WD black. Im a power user and the one I have in my own PC is fast enough for everything ive thrown at it so far. I also reccomend NOT setting stuff up to boot windows from a raid array. Yes can be done, but ive seen too many issues when things dont work right. And then what happens when the OS needs to re re-installed.. or upgraded to a new one? (windows 9?) my $0.02
  13. If your getting an intel drive, you can get some free SSD cloning software off their site. I did this same thing when I upgraded the my Thnkpad T500 to a ssd drive. However in this case, the mechanical drive and the SSD were the same size, so cloning was trivial. Having a 2nd PC to do this makes it much easier, as I just hooked up both drives to my 2nd PC and ran the clone software. The end result was WELL WELL worth the effort
  14. I replaced an older 10k rpm scsi drive with an Intel 310 SSD drive. Both the server and the scsi drive were purchased in 2005. - it boots MUCH faster - its QUIET Applications dont seem to run much faster, but anything accessing the SSD seems snappier. Since I plan to keep this server for a number of years, the investment was worth it. For a laptop? it depends how valuable the speed is to you. On the other hand, if you get a SSD, you can move it to a new PC, or newer laptop when your old one dies. Another thing to ponder to breathe new life in your old laptop is to upgrade the memory. its probably cheaper than a new SSD, but on the downside you probably cant migrate the new memory to a new pc/laptop when you upgrade.
  15. hrm. this sounds like fun. preference for something green colored. If you dont have anything green - i'll opt out.
  16. well to look at my experiences with SSD vs mechanical drives, the ssd is more reliable -- ive yet to have one fail. On the other side of that, I had one mechanical drive fail after 4 months of use (the drive cooked itself), and another after 5.5 years (also cooked itself). I also have mechanical drives (10k scsi) that are running just fine after 10 years of use which includes carting my PC to many lan parties and several cross country moves. Ive never tried any 15k disks.. so no comments there.
  17. Which I think is the whole point. The things are so small and easily transportable they can go pretty much anywhere. I know ive misplaced a few USB sticks, but none of them had anything sensitive on them.
  18. So other than the home theater, what other devices are you sending the content too.. and exactly how? Im somewhat in the same boat. My home theater is plugged directly into my PC sound card. which is great at home, but elsewhere it doesnt work. Ive been pondering getting a beefy mp3 player but the problem is always how to get my music to it, and in a format it will accept.
  19. probably not. I already pay $15/month for DVDs + unlimited streaming. now if the price skyrockets to $30+ I may look elsewhere. but even then its a LOT cheaper than the $80-120/month cable bills I hear about. but if it only goes up a little bit, I probably wont change a thing.
  20. I feel the same way. Longer warranty on a product tells me a company is putting better quality control and support behind their products. Ive never had to RMA a drive to the manufacturer (I go through my PC vendor). The only drive ive had fail, lasted 6months beyond the 5yr manufacturer warranty, and then cooked itself. The other drive i got around the same time is still working to this day (after 10+ years) So if seagate is going to reduce their warranty to 3yrs "to cut costs" .. it bothers me that maybe drives will start failing at 3yrs and 6months instead of 5yrs and 6months which will mean more headaches for us consumers.
  21. Thanks much for the informative reply. I'll definitely take a look at the software and see how it can help. Currently the only server OS im running is in a virtual machine, so backing up those files is easy.
  22. Looks interesting... perhaps the vendor could answer something in other than "marketing speek" ... if the features are identical across versions why does the server version cost 5x as much as the workstation version? for a corporate environment, its not a big deal. but for people who run a copy of a server-OS on their home PC, a 500% price increase means a no-sale. on the other hand... if the workstation version will actually -run- on a server OS, then its a moot point.
  23. So is a floppy disk still considered a platter based drive? ... or no? after all, they do spin up and everything, just like a regular HD, just a LOT slower.
  24. 2 things that i can see: First - more RAM. get as much as you can afford, you really cant have "too much". 8gb min.. try for 12-16GB (or more) Second - step up to the current generation of drives. Replace everything with 1-2 current generation sata drives. I ran 10krpm scsi drives for a long time because they were fast. but technology eventually caught up and passed them for performance. I went from 4 10krpm scsi drives to a 2TB Caviar Black for data, and intel SSD for OS/boot, and the speed differences were insane. First off they were QUIET. My old maxtor 10k III could almost function as an alarm clock it was so noisy. But I can hear the WD drive chattering at times and when it does, I know theres something straining the system. Next, having only 1 drive to put files on makes it much easier to find things, and there is much less wasted space on your drives. For an SSD - how much $$ can you spend? that will help determine which drive to get.
  25. kittle

    best drive cage

    Im also a fan of supermicro hardware. Their motherboard and cases work very well for me. Barring physical abuse, id expect that drive cage to last you 10+ years.