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  1. Dollar

    RAID5 on "old" WD2000JB-drives

    Seems to me you guys think I should give RAID another go, on my ancient hardware The PSU is an Enermax 550w, which is rocksolid at 4.95/11.98v. However, working temp is a bit high in my opinion, mobo, CPU and drives all report 95-105f and drives/heatsinks feels about that as well. Room temp is 70-80f. Unfortunately there is nothing to do about this, it's located in the only room in the house there the noise isn't an issue, and with Delta fans noise is a concern
  2. Dollar

    RAID5 on "old" WD2000JB-drives

    I know, the difference (from non-RAID) is the the constant high load, instead of 1/8 drives working til store/access data 8 drives need to work (harder), this adds up to a lot of load. My experience hasn't been very good, thus far but what is you guys take on this, is RAID more likely to give me trouble? Controllers I'll use this time will be a RocketRAID 404 (flashed for RAID5) and a 3ware 7500-8. I'll be running two arrays with 8 drives.
  3. I few years ago I ran 8 WD1200JB’s in RAID5, at first software, later on a RocketRAID 404, and over a period of a year, year and a half I saw 5 drives go bust. A buddy of mine ran much the same setup, and also had a lot for hassle. About 2 years ago I swapped all the disks for WD2000JBs of which I now have about two dozen (only one have failed thus far)… but I’ve never been running them in RAID. I’ve decided not to swap them for new ones, but I'm not realy comfy about storing all my data on such old disks. I'm considering RAID5 but I don’t care to have to dismantle my server and RMA a drive a month due to RAID5 killing old drives. Is RAID5 (a lot) more likely to kill my disks that “normal†usage? The server is running 24/7, but with only a 10mbit internet connection and local clients using wlan load/performance requirements are almost none existent.
  4. Dollar

    Quiet Scsi Drive?

    Anyone got a date for Seagates or Maxtors next gen (FDB) 10K SCSI drives? The 74GB 15K.3 is about $800 here (norway)... which really is quite steep
  5. Dollar

    Quiet Scsi Drive?

    I've looked at the Atlas IV but I'll hold of for the Atlas V before I make up my min most likely. Hopefully Seagate or Fujitsu will be along with their next gen drives before I purchase anything. My main concern with a Raptor is just that it isn't SCSI, I like the SCSI-feel (for lack of a better word) and I'm not sure if the Raptor is a real substitute. But I agree the performance, atleast in benchmarks for the 74GB piece is impressive. Anyone here swapped SCSI for Raptor that would like to comment?
  6. Dollar

    Btx Cases

    Even with a cool Dothan/A64 based CPU BTX would still be better from a thermal point of view, it's simpler to cool and a case can never be to cool or too quiet - in my opinion.
  7. Dollar

    Quiet Scsi Drive?

    I’ve got a Cheetah 10K6 and now for this workstation and want to swap it for a more quiet 74GB. Performance (10/15K) isn’t really important but noise is. It will be mounted in a no-vibes cage (rubber) so vibration isn’t a killer but it must be quiet while ilde (no high pitch noise) preferably also while under load but that’s secondary. Reviews don’t quite spell it out unfortunately. Which drive is the most quiet?
  8. The promise cards works great @ 66MHz as long as neither share a PCI bus with the Adaptec card, that combination craches upon loading windows with on either PCI bridge. However all three cards work togehter on an Abit IC7-G. Got recent BIOS's on SCSI card, promises and nic. Mainboard is on a BIOS from 01/31/03, a new BIOS will be my last try (I don't have any easy mean of flashing it at the moment). I orderd $15 'demo' Sunsway ATA133 controller (SI chip) just now, so I'll give it that a go. At that price it's worth a try.
  9. It's a lan/internet filserver, and it comes out of my own pocket (student, age 23) so SCSI is not an option. On regards to other SCSI controllers I have a Tekram U160 in my WS, but with the Adaptec/Winxp performance issue (still not resolve?) I don't want to swap them. Even on BX-boards I've had a rough time with Highpoint's so with this board (which is a nightmare with regards to all kinds of compatibility) I need something that 'works in every way'. Anyone tried SI cards on this board or on a system with Adaptec SCSI?
  10. I've got a Tyan Tiger MPX, 2x 1.2GHz MP's and a gig of memory. Currenty I run 2x Promise TX2 ATA100 controllers (in the two 64/66 PCI slots) and on the 32/33 bus I've got an Adaptec ASC19160 plus an Intel PRO/1000 MT NIC. Odd setup, but the system won't load Win2k3 server with the either Promise card on the same bus as the SCSI card. I run a single SCSI driver for OS and 12x Western 200GB SE for storage. I need more space on it, put I don't know what ATA controller card to get, I have a RocketRAID 404, but the system locks up after about 5 seconds if i plug it in so that won't work, another Promise won't work (boot failure on the availible PCI slots) and a swap for 3Ware 75xx is to pricy up in norway (~$800). It all cooks down to; Are other Highpoint based controllers prudent to crash, is silicon image something to look for or should I change the whole thing for a P4/HT and gigalan on CSA. My current system hardly pushes more than ~40-50MB/s over LAN anyway.
  11. I’ve just gotten around to like the new start bar No way I'll bother reinstalling a 3 year old OS for better write performance. With only 36 gigs in my machine I don't have that many large writes anyway.
  12. This threat is getting reeealy long now, does anyone know "a-quick-n-dirty" solution, if so - mind spelling it out I've got an Adaptec 19160 + Fujitsu 10K and XP and low write performance that I would like to get fixed.
  13. Dollar

    Western Digital Marketing Lies

    You'll need a gigabit nic (and a server that actually will give you 30mb/s+) to move the download bottleneck to the disk with those 66GB/plater drives.