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    CPU Overclocking - how much?

    Lot’s of good posts here. Rather than get into the debate, I’ll post my thoughts and experiences. First, overclocking can become an obsession. It’s a gas. If you are good, you can tweak out a CPU to within a few MHz of it’s maximum. Bare in mind, if you are at the edge, a minor change in ambient temperature will change your maximum overclock. While frustrating, this is still a gas, as long as you maintain your enthusiasm. FWIW, NONE of my overclocked boxes have been unstable. The only casualties of overclocking have been motherboards dieing from volt mods and CPUs from stupidity. P4s are an enigma. Take a look at Intel’s Thermal Management docs. You will note the temp sensor the motherboard reads is in the coolest part of the CPU, while the one that controls CPU throttling is in the hottest part of the CPU. I seriously doubt that the majority of aircooled P4 overclockers understand this but with P4s, cooling is king if you are going to overclock. Running at 9C over ambient at full load, my watercooled 1.8 GHz Prestonia Xeons do more work than a pair of 2.4 GHz Xeons running with stock heatsinks at 30C over ambient. Why? Clock throttling occurs at temperatures lower than what Intel would like you to believe. This may be contrary to what you have read on the (hardware?) Sites on the Net, but read Intel’s documentation on this and come to your own intelligent conclusion… Reality? Unless you are a gamer, or practicing a slight overclock, you would be better served by purchasing a faster CPU or building a dually if you really use your computer.
  2. Mr. Thompson

    attention smoothwall fans: smoothwall sucks

    I don’t use Smoothwall but I am slightly familiar with it. What I find obtuse is that a CEO would use such language on a public forum, spend “$100k” of his own money for the good of the world and then finds the need to bring up “$42k” for charity to establish credibility. Something smells very Gibsonesque here.
  3. A Zip drive plugged into the system will cause this error. The solution is to unplug it while installing XP. Another thing to try is manually installing the HAL. Hit F5 when prompted for SCSI dirvers and follow the instructions.
  4. Hyper Micro rocks. I bought a couple more X15s last week. While with a mention of Storage Review, ground freight is free, Alex discounted second day to $7. Hard to beat but I wish they would stock ICP-Vortex SCSI RAID cards.
  5. Mr. Thompson

    64bit/66MHz SCSI controller for X15

    HyperMicro will sell you a Tekram with the 66 MHz chip. Just ask.
  6. Mr. Thompson

    Terrible SCSI performance in Windows XP

    Xeons with Hyper-Threading.
  7. Mr. Thompson


    You may want to read the Watercooling section at My personal experiences with both Danger Den and Swiftech products has been outstanding.
  8. Mr. Thompson

    Terrible SCSI performance in Windows XP

    My guess is this hot fix is the one that doesn't help, which some of us have already tried. While talking with an Intel rep today, I heard many good things about SP1 fixing the "holes" in XP. I hope MS has worked on the SCSI issue since last fall...
  9. Mr. Thompson

    Dual CPU / SMP - what are my options?

    Says who? None of my TigerMP systems have blue screened, ever. A little research at the 2CPU forums will backup my statement. Glad to here your TigerMP systems are solid.
  10. Mr. Thompson

    Dual CPU / SMP - what are my options?

    Just a quick note on Xeon system costs. Iwill’s DP400 can be had for $430 and one of the basic Supermicro boards is available for $387. The stability and ease of setup are a major plus for the Xeon option. Regarding Hyper-Threading, I run my system with it enabled all the time. While it may not bench as well in individual applications, it definitely feels more responsive when multitasking.
  11. Mr. Thompson

    hypermicro good dealer or not?

    Hypermicro is outstanding. Enough said.
  12. Mr. Thompson

    Terrible SCSI performance in Windows XP

    On the contrary, from my personal contact, I was pleasantly surprised with Microsoft’s interest and immediate response. Unfortunately the temporary patch they sent me does not help. I guess we’ll have to wait for SP1.
  13. Mr. Thompson

    Terrible SCSI performance in Windows XP

    It amazes me that Seagate was not aware of this problem. I spoke with one of their people a couple of months ago about this.
  14. You have over 3000 posts in just over four months and you don't want to read the whole thread? SCSI and RAID don't play well with XP. Microsoft is working on it.