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  1. hey flagreen, you must be related to sivar, stupidity runs rampant here.
  2. Sivar get the hell off this site. Intelligence is wanted not stupidity (hence you must leave cuz I said so).. Sivar, if you had a brain, you would know something about hdds. I know more than YOU, so go smoke a joint in your Santa Barbara California, and do something else than wasting SR's hdd space by writing your constant babble.
  3. IBM has shipped their drives with command tagged queing for years. of course it works and it supported!
  4. What are you talking about Euegene? You honestly believe that Command tagged queing does little for the desktop environment, wake up BROTHER! You know, since it is assumed that you know hdds, there is a change that I have noticed in recent months. More people are using SCSI for desktops! And since SCSI is much more advanced than ATA, some of its features really make scsi more powerful than ATA in really high-end desktop workstations. One of those SCSI features is command tagged queing!!! This feature does benefit SCSI; and since there is only ONE hdd manufacturer that is smart enough to use it in their ATA lines (IBM), then I think that they know what they are doing. IBM, as any hdd manufacturer has the ability, to thoroughly evaluate its products better than you and I ever could! Point is, since IBM is marketing tag 'n seek with their ATA drives (for the desktop market), then trust me, they know (and I know too, so do the rest of us) that it does do something SIGNIFICANT for the drives performance. It is like saying that WD does not tweak their fireware to get better benchmarks. In short, IBM's command tagged queing does do wonders; it is a shame that no one else has added it to their product lines!!!... God God has blessed this message for your enjoyment and protection!!!... LATES!!!...
  5. GOOD JOB!!!... Keep up the good work!!!...
  7. Has anyone been playing with the database, I mean like trying it out, comparing different hdds. There is some interesting conclusions. It seems that the 120 GXP beats the 1200BB and 2000BB in most benchmarks. While the 2000JB beats the 180 GXP in most too. It seems that these new entries from IBM and WD are getting slower in terms access time. And how is it that the 2000JB beats IBM in the server scores over the 180 GXP, but if you compare the 120GXP to the 2000JB & 180 GXP, the 120 GXP still kicks both their asses in file server benchmarks. What gives. Is it maybe that WD or IBM have fudged their fireware to make it appear better than it really is. You know, some video card manufacturers have been accused of "fixing" their fireware to produce great results when there was really nothing there to begin with. Is it possible, just ponder it, that maybe these large hdd manufacturer's know what software is used to benchmark their hdds. And so they may try to tweak their hdd firmware to trick the benchmarking program into producing better than real results. Cuz let face it, it seems that these new drives are producing really weird results. Hey Eugene and Davin, What you think of this?
  8. yo frank, give some of the numbers of some tests. Like hd tach, something tangible so I can give some advice.
  9. godgod

    which 80gb drive to get?

    Hello there! There are many hard disk drives to choose from? Some are better than others for certain tasks. I have seen many reviews of all of them. But, thru my experience, I have found that the most capable hdd for all things, especially RAID or EVEN just desktop use is any IBM disk drive (i.e.: the 120 GXP series or the 180 GXP series). With the 180 GXP being more favourable, it has all of the attributes to make computing better. Enjoy!!!...
  10. godgod

    Maxtor DiamondMax 16 - 250GB scores

    you dont have a diamondmax 16. You have a maxline plus hdd, 5400 series. Hence the scores. The maxline plus serial numbers start with a 5, yours starts with a 4. Tells me like you have (somehow), from the grace of me (hence my name), you managed to get a maxline plus 5400 rpm drive. Good for you. The thing is, they have packaged it in a diamondmax 16 label. Can u take some pics of it for this site. I am sure we would all be very interested in seeing it.
  11. I am looking for the new 180 GXP in ontario, but no one seems to have it. Does anyone where one might find this drive. Do not care about the cache and size. I just want a 180 GXP like yesterday. Thanks
  12. greytech INC. www.greytech.com
  13. godgod

    IBM Deathstar 75gxp.

    I still say j-frog's pic (self entitled: DEATHSTAR) should go supernova, like yesterday!
  14. godgod

    IBM Deathstar 75gxp.

    hey j-frog, GOD GOD says that you have used your stupid, #$%ed up pic (all shot up), why dont you do that to yourself, too much. Man enough with your deathstar. I THINKING IT SHOULD GO SUPERNOVA LIKE SOON. aND WHEN IT DOES GO SUPERNOVA, MAKE SURE THAT "YOU" ARE IN THE WAY SO YOU WILL DIE.
  15. do not low level format your drives, if you do not have too. It hurts them. If you do not believe me, call any hdd manufacturer and they will tell you what for? woooooooooo!!!...