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    iXsystems TrueNAS Reviews?

    I'm in Canada and we bought from Tegile directly.
  2. dilidolo

    iXsystems TrueNAS Reviews?

    Can't answer your question about TrueNAS, but Tegile has everything you list here. I think you can get clustered config with 26TB raw space with a few SSDs cache, 10Gb nic, for $20000 list price. No, it's not Windows based, it's ZFS with working dedup, and SMB 3. I worked in a large university here and we used Tegile for our VDI environment with thousand VMs, performs very well.
  3. dilidolo

    NetApp FAS2240-2 Review Discussion

    There is no reason to split the disks into 2 aggregates in this setup. You are wasting more disk space and limiting your performance. With the internal shelf only, you are not going to hit controller hard, Active/Standby is more than enough.
  4. Is this a advanced format disk? Trying to decide which 4TB SAS disk to go for my home lab. Thanks
  5. I just one 3 days ago but haven't got time to put it into my ZFS storage server. Very nice kit.
  6. dilidolo

    iXsystems Titan 316J JBOD Review Discussion

    I thought you were going to test ZFS but turned out to be the shelf which is a re-branded Supermicro. I would really love to see you test TrueNAS.
  7. dilidolo

    iXsystems Titan 316J JBOD Review Discussion

    NetApp uses RAID-DP but it is software based. Unless you think NetApp is not Enterprise. ZFS uses Software based RAID.
  8. So the SAS version is actually slower using single port?
  9. Avg 4K/8K. I expect to see sub 10 ms all the times.
  10. Latency is too high. IOPS is important but latency is even more important, especially for certain workload.
  11. dilidolo

    SAS Expander or Not?

    The chenbro uses LSI X28 expander chip. I have supermicro chassis with expander backplane using the same chip, works fine for SAS disks (I only put SAS behind it). I don't see any performance issue, the bandwidth is more than enough for what I need. (4x3Gb). The problem with expander is that you add one more layer between controller and disk, and there could be more compatibility issues. I know many SATA disks don't work well with expander, especially SSDs.
  12. I have the 3TB version, it's very fast for sequential transfer. IOPS is lower than WD black, and access time is also higher.
  13. I don't think you need to if you use whole disk. If you slice your disks, then you have to do maths, but ZFS loves raw disks.
  14. dilidolo

    Which drive to buy in my NAS?

    HNAS for home? LOL