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    RAID 1 for boot, RAID 5 for storage?

    Well, this does not sound like a good idea to me. You are not protected from disk failure while the mirror rebuilds. There is a chance that your master disk may develop a bad block just then, even if the RAID controller does a periodical surface check on RAID 1 disks -- and some controllers can't do that at all. The safe way would be to add the third disk to the RAID1 set, let it rebuild, then remove it again. Back to the original question, advantages of separate RAID1 and RAID5 sets: you can have different types of disks for OS and data. In a SATA setup this could be WD Raptors for the OS and 500G+ disks for the data. O.K., I probably wouldn't do that with an exchange data store. You can put the data volume under control of a volume manager. Logical volume management for boot volumes tends to complicate things a lot. With the proper volume management software, you can migrate the data space later while keeping the OS disks in place.
  2. Nice review. Does this mean that the Travelstar 5k80 won't get reviewed any more? I'd like to enter data for the reliability survey, but none of the laptop drives Dell has shipped to us in the past year has been reviewed so far.
  3. hfricke

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

    Great. I have just replaced a bunch of Maxtor MaxLine Plus IIs with these disks. The Maxtors would not do the bonnie benchmark without locking up (RAID 5 on an ICP Vortex controller). The Barracudas caused no problems so far.