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  1. if when you plug it in the drive appears as removable media, and you are using sata power cables then yes. If you old style molex connectors then your risk shorting the drive if it isnt in a removable case/tray. If the drive doesnt appear as removable media it still can be done by unistalling the volume in disk management or dismount the volume. Just make you sure you dont unplug it without doing anything as you risk data corruption
  2. d-anie-l

    Using a DVD-R across the network?

  3. hi, i am after a firewire 800 case for my new 500gb drive what do people recommend? i am on a budget so the cheapest is the best! any ideas guys? with links and prices if poss. thanks daniel
  4. d-anie-l

    4-port PCI hot swap SATA adapter?

    has anybody put any of the above to test? i am looking for a similar unit myself.
  5. d-anie-l

    Disk Space Question on New Raid5 setup

    he has already worked out the expected size including parity. raid 5 generally uses 1 drives capacity in total for parity information. so 5 drives at 464GB each = 2320GB. Minus 1 x 464GB for the parity and you are left with 1856GB. I cant help explain where the rest has gonne either. NTFS wouldnt even use up that much space.
  6. d-anie-l

    NitroAV external RAID box

    yeah i noticing the one i was using would have worked. but i am much more interested in the 1 port pci express version now! very cheap at 40bucks.
  7. d-anie-l

    NitroAV external RAID box

    i think your pricing is correct. i had a look at the cool drives stuff but i dont think they come with an HBA? not sure how much the HBA runs, but i am guessing not 500 buck! do you know where abouts i can get my hands on the HBA to work with that cool drives case?
  8. d-anie-l

    NitroAV external RAID box

    http://www.storcase.com/infostation/5bay_sata.asp i have been doing some testing with this. i have connect 4 of these to the same HBA and seen 600+MB/sec read. doesnt do raid-5 very well though so would need to do software raid which wouldnt be too good for you i think.
  9. d-anie-l

    Tag command vs natvie command queuing

    i though scsi also used TCQ?
  10. is there as difference in the above? i know TCQ was originally a scsi-2 technology, so it NCQ an adaptation for sata? thanks
  11. d-anie-l

    Affordable backup solution

    http://www.storcase.com/dataexpress_bu/backup_overview.asp Could help, although its not a NAS solution.
  12. d-anie-l

    Raid5 How many disks?

    can anybody comment on the sweet spot for raid 0?
  13. i have been testing this http://www.cooldrives.com/cosapomubrso.html and it appears to work fine so far. i am testing an internal version which is still based on the 3726 so will be more or less identical. I would still opt for an 8 port or 2 x 4 port if you are after the raid option.