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  1. Hello! Can anyone tell me which controllers are good for external USB-enclosure? Long time ago I tried an OCZ Petrol and Octane which are awful without TRIM. After the SSDs were full and I delete some files the write speed was < 10MB/s I have different SSDs which I could use for external storage, controllers are SF, Phison S8, Marvell, SMI, Alcor, JMB, Indilinx Barefoot M3
  2. Hello! Which consumer-SSDs showing those statistics? I know some Intel with SF-controller and newer Indilinx-powered OCZ. Are there more SSDs which provide these values?
  3. Scour

    samsung RMA experience

    Maybe it depends on teh country, may experience with Samsung HDDs are very bad, took 5-7 weeks. Now Seagate ist the supporter for Samsung-HDDs, it don´t took one week One reason why I now stay away from Samsung-components.
  4. Scour

    Plextor M5S price?

    Here in Germany you pay for the 256GB-version of the M5P ca. 35€ (atm 45$) more than M5S.
  5. Scour

    Plextor M5S price?

    Yeah, Toshiba is favorite partner for Plextor, but the M5S uses Intel/Micron
  6. Hi! The M5S is really chaep atm, the 128GB is cheaper than a Samsung 840. There are rumors that Plextor use cheaper NAND and not the Intel 25nm (like in Crucial M4)anymore. Anybody have an idea? True or not?
  7. Hello! ATM I have a notebook with a WD2500BEVT. After 16 power-on-hours I have 1394 Load/Unload Cycles. I deactivate the idle-timer with wdidle3, but still the counter crows up 2-3x in one minute. Is it normal that I hear the HDD spin up/down at this points? Energy-saving in Windows is turned off. I think I use the WD for an external HDD-enclosure and buy an other HDD für the notebook. Anyone knows whether Hitachi-drives like Z5K320, Z5K500 still are able to turn off the APM? Thanks
  8. Hello! Are there already HDDs on the market with 750GB/Platter and 7200rpm?
  9. Scour

    Western Digital or Seagate?

    I would go for the WD, except u like the design of Seagate more
  10. Scour

    320GB go with segate or wd?

    The Hitachi T7K500 or WD AAxS are the best u can get atm
  11. Scour

    New 200GB-HDD S-ATA

    @LED ZEPPELIN Thanks for your answer, but I read this: Samsung P80 117 defect from 799 =>~ 14,6% Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 181 defect from 2172 => ~ 8,3% Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 833 defect from 2748 => ~ 30,3% Hitachi Deskstar 7k250 94 defect from 954 => ~ 9,9%
  12. Hello! I´m looking for a new HDD (for a friend), 200GB. I tried to take a look in the database, which one is reliable, but I don´t found it I only found how I can make a entry in the database. Maybe I get one of those drives: Seagate 7200.7 or .8 WD 2000JS Maxtor DM 10 Which drive is very reliable? Anyone knows whether the 200GB-WD have 2 or 3 platter?
  13. Hello! I´m looking for a new HDD. It must be very fast, the noise doesn´t matter. Have anyone here one of these drives and had made Benchmarks? Will SR review these drives soon? Thanks