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  1. Powerstrip is not really a good keyword to seach the net for. The only Powerstrip software I found was at: Also mentioned at : And that as for graphics card accleration. Where is the one you are talking about?
  2. I have the same card. the only solution is not to run XP. 2000 has some of the same problems, though they are masked better. New MS doesn't do fast SCSI... There is always linux....
  3. Linux. Yes, it has the bug, but it is masked better. Some poeple have mentioned that SP3 is no good.
  4. Well, I tried it. It didn't work. I posted my results on the tenth.
  5. My 8 minute copy of a 699 meg file has drop to 3:50 minutes, seconds. That is better, but still a far cry from 1:10 or so in linux. I am considering setting up a FAT and doing a similar test. My fat that I have now is smaller, but Linux and XP both support fat drives... Sandra now reports it as a bit slower than the 5400rpm ATA100 drives. Not good for a 10,000 RPM U160. Better, but not good enough. How do I complain to MS?
  6. Agreed on the scp. this was done with pscp on windows and openssh on linux. The test was more to show that it was faster to transfer the file over the network than it was to copy with it locally on XP. As far as acls, I don't what the acryonym stands for. Access Control List??? If that is it, ext3 does maintain ownship and permissions lists. It is also a journaled file system so it should do an advanced write/commit phase that NTFS does not have to do. Either way, there is NO excuse of a file system to delay this operation 8x. I wouldn't even be happy with a 50% decrease. I bought fast hardware for a reason. So far, today, Sept 9th, sp1 does not show as downloadable.
  7. I thought my SCSI performance still felt slow even after replacing a controller I thought had gone bad. So started looking for a fix and found this thread. I looked for where do download a copy of atto and didn't find one as quickly as I had hoped. But I do have some large files so I did test with those. My system is: AMD 1900 XP MSI K266 7t MB (Something like that, the book isn't handy) 1 gig ram PC2100 Adaptec 29160N WD 18310 U80 18gig 10k Drive IBM DDYS-T36940M U160 36gig 10k Drive I have Win XP pro and RH Linux 7.3 running on the box. All the latest patches as of last night applied to both. My NTFS was optimized before the test. Linux is running on a clean ext3 (Journaled filesystem). I am using the linux driver that ship with the OS, not the one from the Adaptec website. I have a 699 meg data file on a linux server, so I downloaded it over a 100mbps switch using scp and started playing with it. The scp download took (min:sec): XP: 5:47 Linux: 4:20 (scp does do encryption and I think the sending machine may have been a botltle neck on that test.) Then I used xcopy on XP to duplicate the file to the same directory under a different name. (i.e. xcopy a.dat b.dat) On linux I used cp to do the same thing. (i.e. cp ./a.dat ./b.dat) XP: 8:45 (2 tests, ~20 min blown) Linux: 1:15 (4 tests, ~4 min blown) I then copyed the file from the U160 drive to the U80 drive. XP: :57 sec Linux: 30 sec. Someone mentioned that MS should hire some coders, maybe they should just copy the implementation like they did the TCP/IP stack from BSD. It is pathetic that they would be this much slower. I paid $200+ bucks for XP pro. Linux is free. You people are VERY nice being content with the thought that "at least they are working on it now." Maybe it will be ready in a few more months. :x If this isn't fixed Monday with SP1, I think we need to start putting their heads on the Linux Journal Pike and get this published everywhere we can. Being nice and quite since March hasn't gotten this fixed. $ matters to M$. Being nice isn't getting this fixed. I bought a new controller thinking my old trusty Tekram was the problem. My new controller is no faster in XP though it is a very fast controller. Sandra put my performance on par with a U66 IDE drive. I am not at all happy with this. I will test again with the new numbers as soon as I can get SP1 installed. :x