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    Storage Review Site Update

    Glad to see this site coming back, thanks for the heads up email. I may not speak for everyone, but my interests in storage have changed a lot in the past 4-5 years, with performance being not so important, and reliability becoming my major focus. I still look forward to seeing some performance benchmarks, but perhaps you could look into making the reliability database much more prominent and useful.
  2. wattly

    Staggered spin-up? and other questions.

    My computer: Dual Opteron 242 Tyan Thunder K8W 2 GB ecc reg PC Power and Cooling 510w Nvidia 6800 Fugitsu 36GB 15k scsi 74 Gig raptor 2 x 200 GB WD SATA broadcom raid controller 7 WD 250GB drives dvd burner dvdrom/cdrw I'm pretty sure the drives support staggered spinup, as I remember seeing something on there, but I never had any problems with power consumption so I never messed with it.
  3. wattly

    400GB SATAs for a cheap RAID 5

    Care to elaborate, or is this just annecdotal evidence where 1 of your 2 WD drives died, while none of your 3 Hitachis died, therefore WD sucks? I'm guessing you didn't read the review here on the WDYR You should read some reviews before commenting on things like this.
  4. wattly

    400GB SATAs for a cheap RAID 5

    From what I've read around these parts, the WD4000YR is designed to be run in a 24/7 environment, the others usually assume a 8 hour per day duty cycle. Also, you shouldn't necessarily base heat and noise off of # of platters, compare them in the performance database here as there are some surprises. Personally I would buy based mostly on $/GB, as heat/noise/seak time aren't going to be that different in real world uses for you. If the prices weren't that different, I'd probably go with the WD as it is rated for harsher duty cycles.
  5. Makes sense, it just threw me off for a few minutes (I was still dealing with the DST time change).
  6. Cool review, though I think you got the date wrong on the main page
  7. It may have 2x the areal density, but not necessarily the linear density. Imagine you have a string, that raps around itself in concentric circles, until you get a disk. This is how the drive is laid out. Now you can get double the capacity of the same area two ways. One is, to as you assumed, simply increase the amount of data per linear inch. That is, one inch of the string would be twice as much data. The other option is to wind the string tighter, so that there are twice as many turns, while leaving the linear data density the same. Transfer rates will depend only on the linear data density, as the drive spins at a certain speed. So, it is possible that seagate left the linear density alone and simply increase areal density, which seems to be the case as they aren't anywhere near 80MB/sec. (Sorry if I got any of this wrong, just peicing together stuff I've read from sites like this).
  8. wattly

    Help with raid cards

    You'll likely get better performance with a single 74 gig raptor than two 36gb drives in raid 0. For the $200 you save on the card (and for the savings you get from drives) you could get two raptors, leave them independent, and have the OS on one and programs on the other for even more speed.
  9. wattly

    Poor ATA66 drive performance

    That might be all it's capable of. 20MB/s is below DMA33 speed, so if it was artificially slowed by the old cable, you'd think it would be hitting the limit. Just because the drive is rated ATA-66 doesn't mean it will be able to get anywhere near that speed.
  10. Do you want to deal with rebates? Is the lower warranty on retail drives ok with you (at least, it usually is lower)? And, yes, is 160GB enough?
  11. Well, you should keep backups of anything important, whether you expect the drive to fail or not. I have three 200 GB, and one 1.2 TB partitions in WinXP SP2 and haven't heard any of those types of noises.
  12. If you're going to do something to the drive, go ahead already, it's starting to get boring. Remember to post pics . This drive can't be RMAed since it was stolen to begin with. Which is why everyone is suggesting that starman buys any future drives from reputable places (no, random people on ebay don't count, which explains your drive failure rate).
  13. If it's from a seller who you think would check the data, then yes, it's a shady place.
  14. That HD is no longer recognized by the computer BIOS or the SATA controller as existing. Another SATA HD is still recognized by the computer. I think an MRI machine used for medical diagnostic imaging would delete the data off the HD- the question is whether my friends would allow me access to the million dollar MRI machine? 210825[/snapback] Yeah, an MRI will erase it. Of course, putting metal into the MRI will completely destroy the MRI, as the hard drive rips through the instrument over and over again. It will also destroy the hard drive, as it will be smashed repeatedly. Just toss it in a fire instead . Sounds like your biggest problem is buying computer equipment from shady places.
  15. Where do you plan on keeping these files? I would extract it to that point right off the bat.