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    Intel X25-M

    Don't remember where I read this but in one test the ICHR10 controller is a bottleneck for this drive as compared to a true raid card. Might be in this thread:
  2. I'm looking to add another fast HD to my gaming rig and I was wondering if there was another HD out that loads games faster than my 74GB raptor? Thanx
  3. Other than solid state drives, which I have no idea why they don't market these to the pc enthusiast, is there anything rumored to come after the western digital raptor in terms of speed? This is a really fast HD but the pc will always be bottlenecked unless someone comes out with something faster.
  4. Rob94hawk

    Western Digital Raptor Wd740gd

    This Raptor is insane fast! Loads Doom3 levels ~30sec! Can't tell how noisy it is though over the 92mm Tornado cooling off the OC'd FX-53 but it is cool to touch.
  5. No. You would think it would considering it has 4 SATA connectors and a crap load of RAID functions.
  6. I have 2 hard drive activity lights on the front of my case and I have 2 SATA hard drives (74GB Raptor/250GB WD Caviar). Can you hook up the LED light to a jumper on the back of the hard drive? On my mobo I only have 1 IEDE hd activity jumper. Will it work with SATA drives? Thanx
  7. I need a PCI card for a 36GB Raptor for my Intel BX mobo. Any recommendations? Thanx, Rob
  8. Who sells Silicon Image cards? Didn't see any on newegg or hypermicro. Thanx
  9. I'll be looking forward to SR's review of 74GB Raptors in RAID 0 then. Thanx.
  10. Well? Anyone know of any benchmarks using 2 new Raptors in RAID 0 with the intel chipset? Thanx, Rob
  11. It would seem that the Intel ICH5R chipset put up really good numbers!
  12. Thanx!
  13. It's the newest and fastest 10K rpm SATA HD So why isn't it in the leader board yet? They are being sold so whats the story?
  14. So what year does the retail version come out so we can see what it can do in the real world?
  15. I was looking at some listed prices for the Hitachi HD and some were listed as OEM. What's the difference? I also noticed that when I was looking at an Intel mobo the OEM was cheaper than the retail but the stats were the same. What's the story? Thanx
  16. Rob94hawk

    6x Western Digital Wd740gd Review

    I would like to see a performance review between 1 raptor and 2 raptors in RAID 0 using the ICH5R Intel chipset thankyouverymuch.
  17. Bizzare partition that I cannot get rid of! On my second drive D: there is a 31MB FAT partition that I cannot get rid of. The status of that partition is reading: healthy EISA configuration. It still remained even after I reformatted the drive. This partition has no label as well. It's not a swap file cause I have 2 swap files, one on each drive, of 250MB a piece. Any ideas on what this could be? Note that this is a Dell Dimension 4300 so I'm not sure if this is something that Dell put there or not. Thanx FYI, I'm running WinXP Home and I'm seeing this in Disk Management.
  18. Rob94hawk

    Bizzare partition that I cannot get rid of!

    Yeah, like it would'nt bother you to see a big block of who the hell knows what showing up in the disk management. Do you have something to contribute or are you going to thread crap?
  19. Rob94hawk

    Bizzare partition that I cannot get rid of!

    In WinXP it wont let me touch that partition. I can't even read anything off of it.
  20. Rob94hawk

    Bizzare partition that I cannot get rid of!

    In WinXP it wont let me touch that partition. I can't even read anything off of it.
  21. Maybe someone should do a review of the Intel ICH5R, Promise, and other controllers with 2 74GB Raptors in RAID 0. Now that would be an interesting review! Especially considering quite a number of people are buying the 36Gig Raptors for this exact purpose. Would the dual 74G Raptors be closing in on the max bandwith of the 150MB/s limit? Thoughts? Comments?
  22. I have an old Maxtor ATA66 drive with XP/ZoneAlarm/AIM having a free-for-all for CPU time, @ 100%, slowing everything down to a crawl. So I bought a WD 80Gig 7200rpm Special Edition, plugged it in, left the jumper on CS, shut the Maxtor down via the BIOS. Created a Primary partition, reinstalled XP and other apps. Windows automatically relabeled the old Maxtor D:. The problem is, on the old drive, I can see it and it's files but I can't open any of them. I figured since the files are still labeled C: I would be able to access them. Should I: A: set the new WD to master and the old Maxtor to slave and then enable the Maxtor in the BIOS to grab the old files. B: Shut down the WD, boot from the Maxtor and old XP, and just burn the old files on to a CD and then transfer them to the new HD? Any advise is appreciated. Thanx, Rob
  23. So where are the benchmarks on the new raptors?
  24. What I'm looking for is how often a RAID 0 array goes bad and if one has gone bad on you before and why (if there's and explanation.) Thanx, Rob
  25. ICH5R chipset RAID 0 Sorry, topic got cut off