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  1. Rockrz

    Hard Drives for Cars?

    I found an article that talks about Hitachi drives built rugged to be in cars at: I've always had pretty good results with Western Digital and haven't ever used Hitachi. Does Hitachi make good quality drives? Looks like the Hitachi Endurastar might be one to check out. It has a 100 gig version. I guess you'd need a hard drive enclosure that could take the punishment of being in a car to put this drive in.
  2. Rockrz

    Hard Drives for Cars?

    Heck, $150 isn't too bad considering the amount of music you could get on it. But, I can see where a flash drive might be better since it doesn't have any moving parts (or does it?) Anybody know where you can buy one of these "rugged drives"? Is this the same kinda of drive they have in the Panasonic Toughbooks?
  3. OK, so some of the new cars coming out have hard drives in them as part of the stereo system where you can load your own music, download, etc, so these have got to be special drives designed to handle the extreme heat, moisture, cold, etc... My question is this...who makes these special drives and where can you buy them? I'm wanting to get an in dash CD player/radio that has a USB port on the BACK (maybe the front too, if they make 'em like this) so I can have a hard drive that contains all my music. I do not want a stereo that has a build in hard drive because I want to be able to take it out of my truck, connect to my computer in the house to update my music onto the drive, and then go put it back in the truck. This is the way to go, so where can you buy a hard drive that is made to be in an automobile???
  4. I was just doing a defrag on my wife's PC (Windows XP Pro) and all the data in My Documents is about 22.0 Gigs. After I ran defrag twice, I keep getting a message when it's over saying 18.2 Gigs of the data in My Documents cannot be defragged. Anybody have any idea what's going on with this? I've never seen this problem before.
  5. How to format a new hard drive? I'm trying to format a brand new hard drive to use as a second drive in my computer tower, but for some reason I can't figure out how to format it. When I plugged it in, my computer recognized it as "New Hardware Found". Then, it showed another message saying "New Hardware Ready to Use" So, I did exactly what I did last time to format. I went to this screen: Then, I went here... And, then to this screen where I should be able to "see" the new drive so I can format it... I'm pretty much stumped by now as to find a way to get the new drive to show up here in this third sceeen so I can format it which after that's done it will show up as a healthy drive just like the others. Anybody got any ideas about what I can do? (Note: C,G, and E are the drive that were in my box BEFORE I started adding this new drive so none of these ARE NOT the drives that is the new one I just installed)
  6. Rockrz

    Where can I buy these?

    Where can I buy these??? Does anyone know where I can buy CD cases like these? Any links to sites / companies that sell these would be appreciated.
  7. Let's talk System Recovery Software I've been using PowerQuest V2i Protector 2.0 Desktop Edition to create a back-up image so I can boot my PC into V2i Protector's recovery console so I can restore my entire system in minutes (IF I ever needed to do this sort of thing) Since Norton has bought out PowerQuest, and I'm not able to get any support due to this product being dumped, I'm looking for a similar program. I found a prog at but haven't had any feedback from anyone more knowledgable than I that let's me know whether this is a good alternative, or not. I would appreciate any leads on this prog, or any other program that would suit my needs. I run a small business that cannot afford any downtime and would like to be completely prepared to restore my system at any given time to it's original state.
  8. I have a Adaptec AHA-2940UW SCSI Card that was in my previous PC for a short time that eneded up not being used. I'm thinking I may need to use this if I wanted to run a high RPM hard drive (correct me if I'm wrong), but I need to know if this SCSI Card is outdated or not. It's still supported at Adaptec's site and drivers and BIOs updates are available, although their site doesn't mention XP Pro which is what I'm running. Should I try to use this card, or buy a newer one?
  9. Is there such a thing as a 10,000 rpm ATA drive (IDE, not RAID) Just curious if this was available yet...