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    Apparently "I in VIP club"?

    Well, it would be nice if the admin figures out exactly what happened. -[Ch]amsalot
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    Maxtor Maxline 3

    Hello? It was a very early unit, not representative of the units in production for distribution. To judge the reliability of an entire line based upon one harddrive is irresponsible. FYI, other reviews of distribution models confirm SR's finding: All that being said, it would appear that many StorageReview readers agree with your praise of Seagate (WD is another matter). Anyone who supports Hitachi (f/k/a IBM) isn't helping the tech community. AFAIK, the deceptive crap IBM pulled with their 75GXP should have been sufficient to put their HD division out of business completely. -[Ch]ams
  3. [Ch]amsalot

    Maxtor Maxline 3

    Thanks for changing the LEADERBOARD. Personally, I would never buy a Hitachi harddrive. Hitachi & IBM can burn for all I care. Go Maxtor! LOL -[Ch]ams
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    Maxtor Maxline 3

    From the review: "Overall, the MaXLine III snatches the single-user speed title from Hitachi's formidable Deskstar 7K400. Great performance, whisper-quiet operation, and high capacity make the MaXLine a compelling power user's drive. " "[T]he MaXLine III (and related 250 GB and 300 GB DiamondMax 10s) is the premiere choice for those seeking a speedy, high-capacity solution." From the LEADERBOARD: "The latest Deskstar combines best-of-class performance, whisper-quiet operation, and a wide range of capacities in both parallel and serial flavors to make it the most compelling choice for those seeking an ATA drive" Shouldn't the LEADERBOARD be updated to include the Maxtor in place of the Hitachi? Thanks, [Ch]amsalot