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  1. Hello, My 480GB OCZ Trion 100 with FW 11.1 doesn't react anymore. Meanwhile I found a German article which describes that FW 11.2 fixes an issue with FW 11.1. The issue is described as that the drive doesn't answer anymore after ongoing heavy I/O load. If I leave the SSD in my PC windows 7 won't come up anymore. If I put the SSD in a USB3 case it won't be recognized. I create the UEFI USB stick and started the SSD Guru. I could see the SSD and start the update but it always fails. Triggering a full erase in SSD Guru also failed. Can I get this fixed myself or do I need to do an RMA? Data isn't important. I bought it 4 month ago. the German article ist here: Sorry I couldn't get a google translate link. What should I do?
  2. Hi, not sure, if this is the right forum. I bought a couple of 1$ USB SD Card readers some years ago. I have two left. I just noticed that with one I get my 10 to 15 MB/s and on the other I only get 1 MB/s. I exchanged Ports and Cards - always same result. I used an older HD Tune. Did I once had some problem with a broken card and Windows remembers to acccess the card with low speed? Can I fix/reset this? rgds tmg
  3. Hi, I am just curious as I have to give back a PC at work which also contains some private data and because of that I want to clear the HDD. I don’t trust our IT. I've seen tools like DBAN etc. which offer quite some methods to wipe a hdd: different patterns, multiple iterations. I think this is even those patterns and iterations are standardized. My question is, if I just would delete all files and create a big file over the whole partition just with 0x00 (or data from /dev/rand). Can normal people recover the data or does it have to be opened and analyzed by experts? (BTW it’s currently a NTFS partition under XP which I would delete and create a EXT-Partition under linux. I hope this clears directory entries …) thx n rgds tmg
  4. TMGeorge

    RAID0 - no speed increase - ?

    Thx 4 the link. I am not sure if I understood anything correctly. Especially as the post is about Raid5 and I have Raid0. Anyway I figured something important out for my self. 1st the newest version of HD Tune gives me about 115 MB/s while the slightly older only gave 95 MB/s. Most important is the fact, that I figured out that HD Tune uses 64 KB blocks by default for performance test. Wenn I created the Raid0 I chose 64K as block size (because I thought bigger is better ...). That would mean if HD Tune does random 64K reads it would only read from one disk. Surprisingly the performance got better if I used bigger blocks in HD Tune. Now I have 145 MB/s with HD Tune using Blocks> 128K. Question now is should I use a smaller block size on Raid0 Lvl. I intended to use the 2x640 for my installed games. I think it will be a mixture of large block reads and smaller ones. I think I have a feeling what blocksize means on the file system lvl (unit size of 4096), but I am not sure what it means on Raid level. So what do you suggest I should use?. Or what does mean "XP's default I/O block for file read/write operations is 64KB". Is it 64KB even the chosen unit size of NTFS is 4KB??? Unit size is smallest block size, isn't it? thx n rgds tmg
  5. TMGeorge

    RAID0 - no speed increase - ?

    I figured out "align" - but what do I wrong? without align=64 it creates a partition. Could it be because the version is too old? I read something, that 5.2 ist necessary. But where can I find this for XP. At M$.com I get the same version :-( Microsoft DiskPart version 5.1.3565 Copyright © 1999-2003 Microsoft Corporation. DISKPART> create partition primary align=64 The arguments you specified for this command are not valid.
  6. TMGeorge

    RAID0 - no speed increase - ?

    thx for your answers. What do you mean with "align your array"? I just created and NTFS Partition ... Sorry but I don't get the point. Actually I don't see any difference to a single disk. I would see the same corruption issue with a single disk. For raid 0 or 1, you don't really care of the answer...but it really does matter for raid 5 or 6 I needed 2 extra Sata Ports, but without that, I could have used XPs SoftRaid, couldn't I. So I feel a little fooled. BTW I used 128K blocks on the array. I know what this blocksize matters on filesystem level, but I am not sure what this matters on that lvl.
  7. Hi, I installed a PCIe Dawicontrol DC-310e and 2 „WD6400AAKS 640 GB (640 GB) AEBW04“ on XP SP3 / Q6600 Problem is that I don’t see any speed increase as I have expected. A single drive has about 100mb/s and the Raid0 got the same value in HD-Tune. I hoped for an increase of >50% compared to a single drive. So what could be wrong? Is the controller crap? IS HD-Tune the wrong tool? Unfortunately I never had run HD-Tune on both drives at the same time in parallel. Maybe I should do that. BTW support of dawi told me that in RAID Mode the caches have to be shut off. Is that right, and if so, why? BTW2 - I heard that cheap raid controllers do the raid part (mixing the drives) in the driver and in on its own. Is that true? thx n rgds tmg
  8. Hi there, Just found an answer to a post where somebody also lost complete volumes of 200GB. I also had a faulty CHKDSK in mind. One of the replies goes the same way. "I've had this problem before, and it was corrupted IDE drivers. But the RAM being at fault is also a possibility. Basically, chkdsk is mistakenly finding what it thinks are problems. But instead, its actually causing data corruption. One sweep with that will be enough to destroy the entire partition if you are not lucky." I Have Win XP SP1 and since two month SP2. I also have a Promise Ultra100TX2. Normally I can access the whole 200GB. But GetDataBack and TestDisk only said it's a 137GB Disk. So what's your opinion? Do you have more references to this topic???
  9. There are allready some post from me about losing whole volumes of 100GBs :-(( Now I ran into the following. My current problem, actually is that I want to restore lost data using GetDataBack. But It's not able to read Sectors above the 137GB mark. So I got to the the "How to enable 48-bit LBA" article (Actually this should already be enbaled as I could use the whole disc before for several month. 101% sure!) There I read "If Atapi.sys is not version 5.1.2600.1135 " --> "331958 ( Hard disk may become corrupted when entering standby or hibernation or when writing a memory dump " My version is actually 5.1.2600.0. I have SP2 installed. When I want to run the according hotfix it tells me, that I have a newer SP and it's not necessary anymore. So where can I get an uptodate version or what's going on?
  10. TMGeorge

    NTFS: data loss - going nuts :-(((

    Since a month now I am on XP SP2. How I said, I am very courious about that everything is gone :-(
  11. Hi there, I you look for article of me you will find some about losing data. 1st time I lost data, because 7 HDs and other stuff were too much for my 350W power supply. 2nd time was after installing a stronger power supply and reducing the HDs to 5 the mother board was malfunctioning if a AGP card was installed. I gues it took damage from the 1st time. Now I lost again some data. I was putting my machine to stand by. After turning it on again a complet HD with 2 x 100GB partitions was gone. It wasn't listed in the explorer anymore. It didn't contain any partition anymore. 4 days Later I started the machine nomally abd I got a lot of 'orphant file' messages. Afterwards I had a clean 160GB Partition. So I don't know the f... what's going on. I can't imagine why complet partions/volumes go. If it would be single files, I would say OK. But complete partitions and volumes??? I have a ASUS P4P800SE with a P4-3GHz. The Big Files are on a extra Promise Controller Ultra TX2. It's 2x160GB Samsung and 2x200GB Seagate. I had virus checks and memtest which just ran fine. So I am quite clueless right now :-((( BTW what recovery tools do you recomment. I have easyrecovery, but I think it's not so good. The tool should scan a raw partion, which once contained NTFS for files.
  12. TMGeorge

    NTFS: data loss

    Sorry for the delay. I have a XP SP1. P4 Prescott on a ASUS P4P800-SE and 1GB RAM Controller is Promise Ultra100TX2. On its 1st Port are 2 Samsung SP1614N On the 2nd Port are 2 Seagate (?) ST320082 2A System is quite fresh so I still use the XP drivers and havn't installed any Promise drivers. The 2 Seagates are quite close to a NVidia 6800GT AGP - I don't know if there's any Influence. I think I can rule out the LBA thing, as the files have worked sometimes. If it would be the LBA issue it should never have worked in my opinion. Any Ideas? thx tmg
  13. TMGeorge

    NTFS: data loss

    this is regarding my other post "how error safe is NTFS ?" I still have problems. Just yesterday XP boots up and ScanDisk goes nuts. What I could see is that it corrects MFT and backup MFT. Than (or before) comes 1 Million lines ... orphant files or whatever I will do another virus check - even I am pretty sure there is none. Harddisks are new - but how can I check them without destroying data for sure? Could it be the cables? Cables are round and ATA100 - my Promise (Ultra TX2) is ATA100. I know that there's no CRC between controller and HD. So if something goes wrong nobody notices this. Which one would you suggest to buy? Preferable in Germany. Or could it be the controller? How to verify this? Or is ScanDisk screwed and just makes everything worse? I had such experience with FAT32 - there I prefered NortonDiskDoctor. But Norton doesn't seem to be on the top anymore. (BTW worsed experience I had with easy recovery - recovered everything - but somethings were not realy working after that - that depended on file extension) I just can explain to myself this massive data loss. If it would be one or two files - that would be explainable. but so much ... thy n regards tmg
  14. Hi there, I have WinXP SP1 and several 4 month old harddisks with NTFS volums of 100GB. Problem ist that I lost quite a lot of data. I guess it happend during a power fail or a reset. I have several directories. JPGs, MP3s, AVIs, ZIPs and mixed files. Some directories are 100% fine. Other are 100% defect. If I look at the files with a hex editor at the first few bytes it does not look like anything what you would have expected for a file with that certain extension. What's curious. The files are than 100% wrong. So MP3s and AVIs don't play at all. ZIPs, RARs etc can't be repaired at all. I can view the JPGs. Normally you could see at least 80% of defect files. I havnT' found any virus with the latest scanner and SMART says that the discs are OK. I also would understand if a files got hit if I had opened or moved it during power fail. But I don't understand how an old files could be affected what was just lying around. any comments?
  15. I think BIOs says 11.80 V. The Problem is that it now occurs with just 1 HD and the old GFX + the 450W Power Supply. Question to me is - is something damaged? What's strange is that I would have expected that it's not working at all and would crash or halt. I think I remember something like "if Voltage drops, amperagre rises to get the same wattage" If amperage rose - could it have damaged something on my board?